Are you looking for a place to enjoy some quality family or friends time? What better place to go to than amusement parks? Not only can you enjoy a lot of fun activities but you can also feel the thrill and excitement of the attractions. 

Check out this list of the best amusement parks in Bangladesh before you plan your next family or friends trip. 

1. Nandan Park

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Nandan Park is one of the best amusement parks in Bangladesh.

Nandan Park is the perfect place to go with your bunch of family or friends. This amusement park has tons of fun rides and several amusement activities including Cable car, Ice-land, Water coaster, Musical Dancing Fountain, Wave pool and even a 5D Cinema Theater. You can even book for a tour program and they would designate seats for you and your team to enjoy loads of fun. 

2. Dhaka Shishu Park

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Dhaka Shishu Park is the first children’s amusement park in Bangladesh. Spanning over an area of 15 acres of land, the park was established in 1979. Some of the fun rides include a merry-go-round, a wheel train, and many wheel-based rides. For a day out with children, this is the best spot. 

3. Fantasy Kingdom Complex

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Fantasy Kingdom Complex

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is one of the most popular amusement parks in Dhaka. With innumerable attractions, this park is ideal for both young children and adults. Many thrilling and innovative rides like the Arabian flying carpet, large flume ride, crazy bumps and more are available.

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4. Jamuna Amusement Park

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The Jamuna Amusement Park is a part of the Future Park complex, which is the largest shopping mall in South Asia. The park is packed with thrilling rides including windmill, tower challenger, pirate ship, flying disco and more. Nearby in the mall, there is also a food court, restaurants and more to add to family outing fun. 

5. Dream Holiday Park

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For an unforgettable time, visit  Dream Holiday Park. Rides like the Bumper boat, Toy train, Jumping horse, Speed boat and more will ensure tremendous excitement for you and your family. There are also other adventurous activities like Bull ride, Air bicycle, Swan boat and Swing chair. The park also has exclusive DJ music. 

6. Magic Paradise

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Magic Paradise is a paradise for thrill seekers. With loads of entertainment, excitement and fun attractions, this park offers many amazing rides. Some of the famous rides are lazy river, splash pool, slides and sleepers. It also has the biggest wave pool for a non-stop water adventure. 

7. Sea Pearl Water Park

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Sea Pearl Water Park

Sea Pearl Water Park Cox’s Bazar is the largest and only international standard water park in Cox’s Bazar. It is packed with a bunch of thrilling and adventurous rides. Some of the most popular rides are Pirate Ship, Aqua Loop, Thunder Bowl, Ferries Wheel and Wind Storm. For an entertaining time, this place is a go-to amusement park without being scared. On holidays, the park is packed with families. 

8. Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park

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Located in Rangpur, Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park is an artificial spot for tourists. The park has many highlights including many sculptures and paintings. The Fish World of the park offers artificial fishes and you can view many aquatic animals. The  ‘Moha Maya Indrojal’ is another great attraction. 

9. Foy’s Lake Concord Amusement World

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Foy’s Lake Concord Amusement World

Foy’s Lake Concord is an amazing park that spans over 320 acres of land. Located at the Foy’s Lake in Chittagong, this park is a wonder for adventures. Started in 2004, this park has both a dry park and a water park next to it called the Sea World, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

10. Matador Amusement Park

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Right amid the chaotic Dhaka city, Matador Amusement Park is a place to enjoy a fun time. Situated near Hazaribagh, this park offers many children’s rides including coasters, Ferris wheel and more. The garden area of the park is one of the highlights of visiting this park. 

11. Dreamland Amusement & Water Park

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Dreamland Amusement Park is one of the most famous parks in Sylhet. This full pledged amusement park offers various collections of attractions amid the natural beauty. People who want to have a fun time overlooking the greeneries, this park is the prime spot. This park attracts both young and adults to enjoy a playful time. They offer a bunch of fun activities and fantastic rides. 

12. Adventure World Fun & Family Tourism Park

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Adventure World Fun & Family Tourism park

For a non-stop family fun time, you can go to Adventure World Fun & Family Tourism park. Spanning across beautifully landscaped botanical gardens, this park offers more than 25 rides and attractions. The roller coaster will pump in adrenaline and the other adventurous rides will excite you. For younger adults, the park offers many rides including a swing ride. 

13. Tamanna World Family Park

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Tamanna World Family Park is located on the outskirts of Dhaka. For enjoying an exciting getaway, this park is the perfect spot around the Turag River. The lush beauty of the park adds to the great experience. Some of the best rides are Honey Swing, Merry Go, Paratrooper, Wonder Wheel and more. For the best time for the children, the Kid’s Special Zone is the perfect place.

You are surely to enjoy a time full of fun and entertainment in any of the amusement parks in Bangladesh listed above. Don’t forget to take some time off and visit these parks and make tons of memories. 


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