Barguna district is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh. It is a district in the division of Barisal. The district spans 1831.31 square kilometers. Over a million people reside in this district. The backbone of Barguna’s economy relies on agriculture. Rice and pulses are the major crops harvested in this district.

How to Visit Barguna from Dhaka?

To reach Dhaka to Barguna transportation can be availed pertaining to by road, and by air routes.

The distance between Dhaka and Barguna is around 270 km on road via the Padma bridge. One can bus services from bus companies such as Sakura Paribahan, Abdullah Paribahan, and more. Moreover, launch services from Dhaka to Barguna are also available from Sadarghat. Furthermore, air services can also be availed by taking a flight to Barisal and then travelling to Barguna on road.

5 Places to visit in Barguna

Being in the southern part of the country adjacent to the Sundarbans, Bargana is blessed with a lot of natural scenic places of significance, and places of historical importance as well. These places make up this district and are an attractive location for tourists to visit.

1. Haringhata Forest Eco Park

Situated in Patharghata of the Barguna district, Haringhata Forest Eco Park offers some of the best natural forest retreat experiences of the country.

Situated in Patharghata of the Barguna district, Haringhata Forest Eco Park offers some of the best natural forest retreat experiences of the country. The forest highlights the picturesque beauty of the nation by adorning the mangrove forests and the wildlife edged on the outskirts of the Sundarbans.


Bibi Chini Mosque also known as the Bibi Chini Shahi Mosque represents the historical significance of the nation through its Mughal architectures. The Mosque was built in the mid-17th century by the Islamic preacher Hazrat Shah Nayamat Ullah (R). This mosque serves a prime destination for history enthusiasts to know more about the historical context of the area and the national, overall.

3. Shuvo Shondha Beach

The Shuvo Shondha Beach is a stunning sea beach located at Nishanbaria Union of Taltali Upazila of Barguna district. The near proximity of the sea beach to the Tengaragi mangrove forest makes it one of the most diverse sea beaches of the country with an incredible flora and fauna. Moreover, the sea beach remains less crowded relative to the other sea beaches, making it one of the peaceful sea beaches in the country.

4. Tengaragiri Ecopark

The Tengaragi Eco park is a wildlife sanctuary located in the Sonakata Union of the Barguna district. The green scenic beauty of the mangrove forest boasts wildlife, plants, and species of numerous categories. The forest is located at a close proximity to the Sonakata beach.

5. Laldia Forest & Sea Beach

Located at the Patharghata Upazila of the Barguna district, the Laldia Forest and Sea Beach is one of the most prized attractions that the Barguna district has to offer to its visitors. The forest alongside the sea beach coagulates to produce one of the best flora and fauna available in the district.

3 Foods to try in Barguna

1. Chuiya Pitha

Chuiya Pitha is a traditional food in the district of Barguna. Taking the shape of noodles or spaghetti pieces, it is a sweet dessert adored by the locals, and definitely a must-try for the visitors.

2. Chaba Pitha

Chyaba Pitha is a food local to Barisal and consumed ecstatically by the locals of Barguna. It is a sweet and healthy dessert that is sure to make your day.

3. Muitta Pitha

Muitta Pitha is a sweet delicacy from the south of the country. The pitha is a mixture of rice flour, sugar, and coconut molded into extravagant cake balls. It is one of the most sought-after foods in Barguna.

4 Places to stay in Barguna

1. Hotel GreenView International

Hotel GreenView International is a highly acclaimed in hotel in the district of Barguna. The hotel offers all the modern amenities to its guests ranging from free WIFI, free parking, breakfast, reception services, and more.

2. Khamarbari Rest House

The Khamarbari rest house is a government rest house that provides accommodations to the travelers of Barguna at very affordable prices.

3. District Council Post Bungalow

The district council post bungalow is a public accommodation that provides housing to the travelers of Barguna at very affordable prices and with quality.

4. Hotel Sea View

The Hotel Sea view is a private hotel in Barguna, that provides quality accommodations to the travelers of the district at affordable rates with modern amenities.

Things to do in Barguna

Barguna holds a lot of opportunities ranging from places to explore such as historic mosques with Mughal architecture, to hiking and boating in the Eco parks, forests, and the sea beaches. It is a lucrative destination for adventure enthusiasts.


Barguna is an amazing destination to know Bangladesh better. The history, food and the overall nature of the district, makes it an attractive district for spending quality time.


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