Situated in the northern part of Bangladesh, Bogura district is one of the oldest regions inhabited in Bengal. The district encompasses a total land area of around 2900 square kilometers and a population of 3,400,874 people. The district plays an important role in the context of Bangladesh both historically, and economically.

How to Visit Bogura from Dhaka?

From Dhaka, Bogura can be reached either by road or train. Direct trains can be availed from Dhaka to Bogura by buying tickets for either the Lalmoni Express or Rangpur Express. Direct bus services can be availed from Dhaka to Bogura by availing bus services from companies such as Nabil Paribahan, Akota Transport, Hanif Enterprise, and more.

4 Places to visit in Bogura

1. Mahasthangarh

Mahasthangarh is one of the oldest and treasured archeological sites discovered in Bangladesh. The place represents the ancient history of Bangladesh, tracing back relics and remains from the period of the Maurya empire.

Mahasthangharh used to be the capital of the Iron Age Bengali kingdom of Pundravardhana. Its excavation and remains preserve the antiquity of this region along with our rich history.

2. Gokul Medh

Built during the 7th to 8th century AD, Gokul Medh or Lakshindar Medh is considered to be the bridal chamber of Behula and Lakshinder, protagonists of an ancient folklore ballad of Bengal, within the boundaries of Mahasthangarh.

The excavated site is a remarkable discovery of architectural styles dating back to the reign of the Gupta and Pala empires. The place preserves a lot of history of Bengal concerning its architectural style, religion, and the overall antiquity.

3. Kherua Mosque

Kherua Mosque is one of the earliest mosques built in Bengal during the Mughal periods in Sherpur of Bogura district.

Kherua Mosque is one of the earliest mosques built in Bengal during the Mughal periods in Sherpur of Bogura district. It was built by Nawab Mirza Murad Khan, in the late 16th century. The place represents the Mughal history of Bengal, alongside that period’s architecture.

4. Shila Devir Ghat

Shila Devir Ghat is a historical archaeological site on the bank of the karatoya river, about 200 m east of mahasthangarh in Bogra district.

According to historians, the place is a testament to a near mythical story of the place where Shila Devi, the daughter or sister of Parshurama, the last Hindu king of Mahasthangarh sacrificed her life jumping into the Karatoya river by drowning herself to save herself from an invading force of Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar.

Thus, the spot is known as the Ghat of Shila Devi, named in her memory. At this site, local Hindus celebrate Paus-Narayani bath annually. It is a place of great historical importance.

3 Foods to try in Bogura

1. Curd of Bogura

The curd of Bogura or popularly known as Bogurar Doi is one of the most renowned sweet dishes of Bangladesh. It is one of the most delicious delicacy that this place has to offer, a treasured dish of the cuisine of Bogura and Bangladesh.

2. Kotkoti of Mahasthangarh

Near the historic Mahasthangarh, more than 200 maunds of kotkoti are sold every day, to curious food lovers and tourists who come to visit the place. It is one of the most iconic foods of this district, making the experience of visiting Bogura incomplete without having it.

3. Beef Chap of Bogura City

Beef Chap with luchi and onion and a blend of numerous spices, particularly from the street side stores such as Chunnu Chap and Kebab Ghor or Arab hotel, are some of the must-have delicacies of Bogura. These dishes are certain to satisfy your taste buds.

4 Places to stay in Bogura

1. Hotel Naz Garden

Hotel Naz Garden is a modern 4-star hotel located in Bogura city bypass, Bogura. It is a renowned hotel with excellent customer service and hospitality, alongside numerous amenities to make their guests feel comfortable in their stays.

2. Safeway Motel & Resort

Established in 1991, Safeway Motel and Resort is one of the most popular accommodations in Bogura. The place is known for providing excellent hospitality, amenities, and good food. They are located in close proximity to Paharpur, Mahasthangarh, and other historical places of importance.

3. Northway Motel

Northway Motel is a renowned hotel of Bogura district located in Sherpur road. The place is known for providing luxurious and dedicated accommodations for its customers at affordable prices.

4. Parjatan Motel Bogura

Parjatan Motel Bogura is a government run public hotel intended to provide hospitality to tourists. It provides safe, decent, and affordable accommodations to its residents.

Things to do in Bogura

Bogura district has a lot of things to offer, from exploring historic sites of importance to going on food adventures, Bogura has it all. It is a center of adventure.


Bogura district is an integral part of Bangladesh which supplements and completes the historical notes of the country to the Bengali cuisines. It is a place that must be visited to know the country at its true sense.


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