Brahmanbaria district is located in the Chittagong division of Eastern Bangladesh. The district encompasses an area of 1,927.11 square kilometers with a population of about 3,306,559 people. The district is one of the fastest growing economies of the country with wide popularity in agriculture, fishing, power and electricity, and natural gas.

How to Visit Brahmanbaria from Dhaka?

Brahmanbaria can be visited from Dhaka by train or by road. The district is just more than 100 kilometers away from Dhaka. To avail direct bus services by the road route, one can book tickets at bus services such as Shohag, Titash, B. Baria Express, etc. Moreover, one can also avail direct train services from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria as well.

5 Places to visit in Brahmanbaria

1. Kollapathar Shahid Graveyard

Kollapathar Shahid graveyard is a mausoleum built in the memory of 52 freedom fighters. It is situated in the Kollapathar village of Bakail union in Kasba upazila, around 10 kilometers south of the Indian border. This place holds significant historical and patriotic significance in regard to the creation of Bangladesh.

2. Joykumar Zamidar Bari

Joykumar Zamidar Bari or the Joykumar zamindar house of the village of Burishwar is a historic landmark in the district of Brahmanbaria. The house is around 100-120 years old house, surrounded by two beautiful ponds on both sides of this house.

The house is vibrantly surrounded with fragrant flowers and delicious fruit trees, providing a glimpse of the lifestyles of the Zamindars of Bengal back in the earlier periods.

3. Gangasagar Dighi

Gangasagar Dighi is situated at Akhaura in the district of Brahmanbaria. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by scenic landscapes and biodiversity. The place is also of historical significance surrounded by numerous folklore and myths.

4. Dhoronti Haor

Dhoronti Haor is a prominent Haor located at Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria district.

Dhoronti Haor is a prominent Haor located at Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria district. It is a scenic waterfront attraction of the district that people often visit to spend their weekends through organizing picnics, family outings, etc.

This is an ideal location for those who seek tranquility while taking in the serene surroundings and engaging in a variety of activities like boating or sunbathing.

5. Kal Bhairab Temple

The Kalbhairab temple is a temple of prolific importance to the believers of the Hindu faith in Bangladesh. The temple is situated at the banks of the Titas river, and serves as a pilgrimage site for Hindu pilgrims.

The main attraction of the temple is definitely the 28-foot-high Kalavirab or Shiva statue, signifying the historic and religious significance of the place.

Foods to try in Brahmanbaria

Chanamukhi sweets

Chanamukhi sweets are sweet desserts made from cheese curds that provide a unique taste that is unfounded in any other place other than in the district of Brahmanbaria.

Particularly, the Chanamukhi sweet, also known as Chunilal’s rajbhog, is renowned for being of the highest quality and taste. The rajbhog remains fresh for three days after preparation, it is made from everyday pure cow milk.

Places to stay in Brahmanbaria

Hotel Titas View

Hotel Titas View is a highly acclaimed and one of the best hotels of the district. The hotel provides exquisite hospitality and accommodations, with the necessary amenities required for the visitors on mind.

Things to do in Brahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria is a district teeming with activities ranging from boating, to exploring historical and religious sites of importance to hiking throughout the city landmarks. The place offers an authentic experience to know the people and the culture of Eastern Bangladesh.


Brahmanbaria is a district with prolific importance in the context of Bangladesh, both geographically and historically. Visiting and exploring this district provides a wholesome experience about Bangladesh to any of its visitors.


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