Burger places in Dhaka have grown in popularity in recent years. Dhaka’s food scene has embraced the love of burgers, thanks to the expansion of international fast-food franchises and the creation of local burger places. These businesses cater to a wide range of customers, including young individuals, families, and expatriates. Burger’s popularity in Dhaka can be ascribed to elements such as burgers’ worldwide appeal, the convenience and rapid service they provide, and the expanding trend of informal eating.

This article elaborates on the top burger places in Dhaka.

1. KFC Bangladesh

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KFC is one of the best Burger Places in Dhaka, BD

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is a fast-food giant that operates worldwide and specializes in delectable chicken fries and burgers. While KFC is best known for their fried chicken, they also provide excellent chicken burgers with a variety of toppings and sauces. KFC is highly praised by customers due to its unwavering quality and utmost convenience. Their hot zinger burger is a must-try for anyone craving burgers from KFC.

2. Takeout

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Takeout is a trendy burger establishment with a loyal following. Their burger recipes are renowned for their inventiveness, featuring distinctive toppings and sauces. The restaurant is highly acclaimed by its patrons for its exceptional cuisine and unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Some of the best burgers from takeout are Beef cheese delight, Twister, and others.

3. Khana’s

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Khana’s is a popular fast-food restaurant in Dhaka that, among other items, specializes in gourmet-style burgers at reasonable prices. Customers adore the flavor combinations and the utilization of high-quality components. Their stores can be found all around Dhaka. Khana’s has a unique casual environment that is ideal for pleasant hangouts and casual outings.

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4. Chillox

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Chillox is a popular burger place that serves great burgers and other meals. The serene ambiance, coupled with delectable burgers offered at affordable prices, make for an enjoyable experience for customers. Chillox receives frequent compliments for its generous portion sizes, mouth-watering and savory burgers, and welcoming customer service.

5. Madchef

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Madchef is the ultimate destination for burger aficionados who crave gourmet burgers and innovative flavor fusions. The restaurant strives to provide an exceptional dining experience by placing emphasis on utilizing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The generous portion sizes and meticulous attention given to presentation are often praised by this burger place’s customers. Some of the best burger items on their menu include Crispy Chicken Burger, The Cuban, and others.

6. Herfy Bangladesh

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Herfy Bangladesh is a part of the Saudi Arabian multinational fast food restaurant chain. This restaurant is known for serving delicious burgers at affordable prices and quick service. Herfy offers a variety of burger options to cater to different tastes. Customers appreciate the convenience and value for money that Herfy provides. Some of the best burger items at Herfy include Cheeseburger and the Big Herfy Beef Burger.

7. Burger King Bangladesh

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As an international burger chain, Burger King Bangladesh offers its renowned burgers, known for their flame-grilled taste. Customers appreciate the consistent quality and taste of their burgers, along with the wide selection of menu items. The fast-food restaurant provides a convenient and efficient dining experience. Some of their burgers are the Whopper Burger and Long Chicken Burger.

8. Farmhouse Burger

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Farmhouse Burger offers unique fine dining with its exceptionally well-made gourmet burgers. It is considered to be one of the best burger places that not only provides a great gastronomic experience but also provides an enthralling ambience and scope for quality social gatherings and hangouts. Some of the best burgers from their menu include The Farmhouse, Millionaire, and others.

9. Peyala Cafe

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Peyala Café is a popular spot for burger enthusiasts. Their menu boasts a range of creative and flavorful burgers, including traditional gourmet burgers and fried chicken burgers. The restaurant has a cozy ambiance and a reputation for excellent service. Customers particularly enjoy their unique burger combinations and homemade sauces. Some of their items from the menu include Buttermilk Chicken fry burger, Classic Cheese burger, and others.

10. Ricky’s Bangladesh

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Ricky’s Bangladesh is well-known for its delectable burgers and relaxed ambiance. It is considered to be one of the best burger places in Bangladesh. The restaurant’s vast selection of burger combinations on the menu is often praised by customers, who also rave about the mouthwatering and delicious patties.

11. BFC

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BFC, which stands for “Burger & Fried Chicken,” serves burgers and crispy fried chicken. Diners appreciate the restaurant’s endeavor to provide an extensive menu that caters to the preferences of both burger and chicken aficionados. They are known for their tasty and crispy chicken burgers. The establishment is frequently praised for its pleasant employees and prompt service.

12. American Burger

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American Burger is known for its classic American-style burgers with generous portions. Customers have praised the quality of their beef patties and the wide variety of toppings and sauces available. It is one of the oldest burger places in Dhaka, providing exceptional food and ambiance for its customers. One of the most iconic items of their menu is the Double Beef Cheese burger.

Social media platforms, online reviews, and recommendations from friends have significantly contributed to raising awareness and generating more interest in these burger places, firmly establishing them as an essential part of Dhaka’s culinary scene.


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