Are you interested in choosing English as your major? Or are you graduating from studying English in university? Well, there is no doubt that English is a smart and great choice to choose as a major in Bangladesh. As nationally and internationally, the demand for English has been increasing and there are a plethora of career options. 

In this article, you will find the top career options for English graduates. 

1. Content Writing or Blog Writing 

Content Writing is one of the career options for English graduates.

Content writing is one of the most trendy career options for both remote and physical workplace. Whether you are an English Literature graduate or linguistic graduate, based on your capability, analyzing power and eloquence, you can be a content writer. Based on your interest, you can work in a company as a content writer or even work as a freelancer. With great demand comes great scope in this field.

Blogging is another key job as a full time job or as a side hustle. The world thrives on information, so if you have a particular interest then you can write a blog on that niche. After setting up a website, you can blog about social issues, incidents, informative articles and more. Once you grab the attention of your audiences, you can earn a good figure through advertisement, sponsorships and other ways.

2. Journalist

Journalism is an integral part of the present globalized world. After collecting information – writing, editing and structuring are the steps of journalism. Majoring in English teaches you to think critically and in terms of mass communication, critical thinking is the key pointer.

You can build your career as a journalist through excellent communication skills and having a good command over the English language. There are a lot of scopes for journalism presently and you can provide your meaningful contribution through researching and writing detailed and unbiased pieces. 

3. Public Relations

In the present world, where media and communication thrives the most, Public Relations is a fantastic option. After doing English Honors, you can apply to be a public relations executive. You are expected to research and uplift the reputation of the company.

It is quite a profitable job as every corporation puts in hefty amounts of money and efforts to maintain communications. Some tasks of this job are preparing press releases, communicating with other companies, writing press articles, planning campaigns and more. 

4. Educator 


There is no profession as noble as being an educator. Whether you want to become a primary school teacher or a university lecturer, majoring in English will open great opportunities for you. In terms of education, having a Master’s degree in English will help you aim for a higher salary and more credibility as an educator. Choosing which field of education you want to join, English literature teacher or language teacher are excellent options. 

5. Technical Writer

Technical Writer is another high paying job which you can pursue as a fantastic career option. Tad bit similar to content writing, technical writing mainly focuses on creating instructional manuals or other supporting documents to any kind of complex information.

Those English graduates who like data, analysis and avoid creative writing suit best for this job. In the future the demand of technical writers will keep increasing as new technologies and chunks of interpretation of complex issues are more. 

6. Librarian

If you love reading and love organizing, then as an English graduate, your best option is Librarian. Although in Bangladesh, there are not many libraries. Nevertheless, it is a high paying job and you can apply for both public and private libraries across the country.

In schools, colleges, educational institutions and other libraries, you can seek to be a library. Your main tasks will revolve around organizing, classifying and managing huge collections of books and reading materials. 

7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

There is not an ounce of doubt that presently one of the most flourishing industries is digital marketing. In this digital age, marketing is one of the key aspects of any business, organization or institution. Even for a food shop, digital marketing is necessary. Having a career in this field with an English degree will open many doors for you. As competition is high, through your language skills and writing proficiency, you can ace in this field. 

8. Creative Writer 

One of the main motivations for many to choose English as a major is creative writing. Making a career out of your love for reading and writing will not only be a great income source but also keep you content in your job. English graduates read novels, poems, essays and prose from writers across the world. So, you can use inspiration for bringing out creativity and become a successful writer. 

Having passion within your job is a key ingredient for a satisfying and healthy life. If you are worried that choosing English as your major is not a good choice, then break off your fears by reading this list of the top career options for English graduates in Bangladesh. 


Maimuna Alam is an enthusiastic content writer at Prothom Tech who is passionate about education, health and recreational topics. With being a full time reader and part time leader, she brings in dedication and passion to become a better storyteller.

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