Chandpur district is located in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh. The district encompasses an area of around 1,704.06 square kilometers with a population of people. The district is renowned and famous for the production of Paddy, jute, wheat, sugarcane, potato, etc. crops. The district is known as the home of the Ilish fishes.

How to Visit Chandpur from Dhaka?

Chandpur can be travelled from Dhaka either by road or by train routes. To avail the by road route one must drive a distance of around 100 km. One can avail direct bus services from Dhaka to Chandpur by taking bus services from companies such as Saudia Paribahan Bus Company, Tisha Service Bus Company, Padma Bus Company, etc.

Moreover, to avail the by train route, one must avail direct train services from Komolapur, Dhaka to Chandpur rail station, Chandpur district.

4 Places to visit in Chandpur

1. Ilish Chatwar

Ilish Chatwar is located near the Chandpur stadium in the Chandpur district. It is a mesmerizing steel statue that upholds the tradition of Hilsha of river-bound Chandpur. The statue was made by Architect Swapan Acharya and serves as an important tourist destination of the district.

2. Mole Head: Meeting point of three rivers

Molehead is located near the Chandpur railway station. It is a piece of triangular shaped land that is tangent to the congregational point of the three rivers namely The Padma, The Meghna and The Dakatia.

The place offers stunning natural views and scenery, alongside perfect sunset experiences, thus making it an important tourist destination.

3. Mazar and pond of Hazrat Shah Rasti (RA)

The place is located in the Shah Rasti Bazar of Chandpur district, it is a mausoleum of Hazrat Shah Rasti (RA), a companion of Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA).

The place is located in the Shah Rasti Bazar of Chandpur district, it is a mausoleum of Hazrat Shah Rasti (RA), a companion of Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA). It is considered to be a place of spirituality and historic importance in regard to the history of the proliferation of Islam in Bengal.

4. Roktodhara

Roktodhara is a monument dedicated to the liberation war of Bangladesh. It is located nearby Molehead park and Chandpur rail station. It was built in 2011, in the remembrance of the mournful memories of the martyrs. The place holds significant importance in light of the struggle for freedom of our country and the sacrifice of our countrymen.

3 Foods to try in Chandpur

1. Rupali Ilish

Being surrounded by water bodies that are perfect for the habitation of the Hilsha fish, the national fish of Bangladesh, Chandpur is particularly famous for Hilsha Fish dishes. The Rupali ilish is a mesmerizing dish that is iconic in the district of Chandpur, it is often fried or made into a curry and taken alongside rice.

It is an exquisite delicacy of this district.

2. One Minute Ice-Cream

One Minute Ice-Cream is an ice-cream shop located in the press club road of Chandpur. The shop has been running for the last 40 years, and has gained immense popularity amongst its customers. The store is renowned for making vanilla-flavored soft ice-creams. It is a treasured delicacy of the district of Chandpur.

3. Roshogolla

Chandpur is known for its sweet dessert, roshogollas in specific. The shop known as Awal er Roshogolla, which is more than 70 years old, is of particular popularity for their exquisite soft and tasty rohogollas, which are made with the utmost refinement.

3 Places to stay in Chandpur

1. Mohanpur Parjatan Ltd

Mohanpur Parjatan Ltd is a five-star river-view resort and hotel. The accommodation overlooks the country’s only sweet water beach, located in Mohanpur of Chandpur.

Mohanpur Parjatan provides luxurious stay to their visitors, offering amenities such as a theme park, a business center, a shopping center, swimming pools, large banquet halls, restaurants, speed boats, and more.

2. Hotel Grand Hilsha

Hotel Grand Hilsha is a renowned hotel in the district of Chandpur, located near the Chandpur Sadar hospital. The hotel is popular for providing modern amenities, clean rooms, and meticulous customer service, making for a pleasant experience for its customers.

3. Hotel Prince

Situated in Shahid Muktijuddha Road of Chandpur, Hotel Prince is one of the top hotels in Chandpur. The hotel offers proper amenities and customer services, for providing its guests a good experience staying with them.

Things to do in Chandpur

Chandpur has a lot of activities to offer, from boating in the rivers flowing throughout the district, to exploring monuments of historic importance to getting accustomed to the food culture of the district, there is a lot to do for the people visiting this district, and a lot more to experience.


Chandpur is a beautiful district, home to amazing food, natural ecology, rivers, and more. Visiting this district is sure to provide a wholesome experience to its visitors.


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