Chuadanga district is one of the westernmost districts of Bangladesh, bordering the West Bengal of India. It is a part of the Khulna division and encompasses an area measuring 1,174.10 square kilometers entailed with a population of about 1,129,015 people.

How to Visit Chuadanga from Dhaka?

Chuadanga can be visited from Dhaka either by road or by train routes. The by road distance from Dhaka to Chuadanga is around 300 kilometers. To avail this route one can directly drive the entire distance or avail bus services from companies such as Royal, Shyamoli, Purbasha, and JR. Moreover, one can also avail direct train routes from Dhak to Chuadanga.

3 Places to visit in Chuadanga

1. The Freedom Fighter’s Mass Grave

The freedom fighters mass grave is an iconic landmark of the Chuadanga district. The landmark is located in the Jibannagar of Chuadanga. The place holds multiple graves of martyred freedom fighters, it is a site of historic significance that signifies the history of our liberation war.

2. Meherun Children Park and Mini Zoo

The Chuadanga district’s Meherun Children Park and Mini Zoo is located near the Alukdia-Pirpur Road. The Park is amongst some of Chuadanga district’s most fascinating places. For entertainment, it is outfitted with a variety of rides and cutting-edge gadgets. It is also a well-known picnic location.

Every day, particularly in the colder months, hundreds of people, including students, kids, and young families, flock here for outings and recreation. The Park is overflowing with visitors on special days such as Eid or the Bengali New Year.

3. Talsari Road

The Talsari road is situated near Meherpur in Damurhuda of Chuadanga district.

The Talsari road is situated near Meherpur in Damurhuda of Chuadanga district. It is one of the most scenic roads in the district with breathtaking natural views, and exquisite flora and fauna. It is definitely a place worth visiting while in Chuadanga.

2 Foods to try in Chuadanga

1. Pan/ Betel Leaf

Chuadanga is famous for Betel leaves. In this place, betel leaf is made with the mixture of numerous condiments and the abundantly produced betel nut. It is definitely food to try to experience the local taste buds of the district.

2. Sweets

Chuadanga is renowned for producing sweets. The district is famous for producing even the most basic sweets such as Chomchom, Rasmalai, Chana, etc. with their own flairs. Trying out sweets in Chuadanga is always a good choice to make.

3 Places to stay in Chuadanga

1. Hotel Abakash

Hotel Abakash is a renowned hotel in the district of Chuadanga. It is located on the Chuadanga – Jhenaidah Highway. The place is known for providing quality accommodations with amenities at affordable rates.

2. Chuadanga Residential Hotel

The Chuadanga Residential Hotel is a popular hotel located in Jessore Road, Chuadanga. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and amenities.

3. Circuit House, Chuadanga

The Chuadanga circuit house is a government-run public guest house located near the Jessore-Chuadanga Highway. The hotel provides exquisite accommodations and amenities at highly affordable prices.

Things to do in Chuadanga

Chuadanga is a vibrant district with a range of activities available, such as hiking through picturesque roads, visiting historically significant places, and exploring the local cuisine of Western Bangladesh.


Chuadanga is an important district in the south of Bangladesh. The culture, food, and the history of the district intertwines and contributes to building up Bangladesh as a country.


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