Throughout the pages of history, coffee has always played an important role as an important beverage. Freshly brewed and roasted coffee, in teeming coffeehouses throughout human civilizations, has shaped society, social interaction, and even individual personalities.

A good cup with the right ambience not only makes one’s day infinitely better but could also mellow their moods, and make them happier.

This article elaborates on the best coffee shops in Dhaka.

1. Gloria Jean’s Coffees

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Gloria Jean's Coffees is one of the Best Coffee Shops in Dhaka.

Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffee Pty Ltd is an American-Australian retail multinational coffeehouse brand. It is one of the best coffee shops in Bangladesh. 

The shop is known for their unique ambience and excellent coffees. Apart from coffees, the place also offers scrumptious meals and desserts that are equally appreciated by its customers. They have many branches across Dhaka. They have many branches throughout Dhaka.

2. North End Coffee Roasters

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North End Coffee Roasters is one of the most visited coffee shops in Dhaka. The shop is known for their freshly roasted coffee. The shop is famous for their many verities of coffee, particularly their unique hazelnut coffee and cold coffees. Apart from coffee, the shop also sells delicious desserts. They have many branches across Dhaka.

3. Crimson Cup BD

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Crimson Cup is a North American multinational coffee shop chain. Their outlets in Bangladesh are of immense popularity amongst the youth and avid coffee lovers of the country. Crimson Cup offers the real taste of American coffee and the absolute coffee experience by serving delicious coffee, brunches and desserts to satisfy cravings. They have many branches across Bangladesh.

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4. Butlers Chocolate Café

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Butlers Chocolate Café

Butlers Chocolates Café is an Irish multinational coffee chain and chocolate store. They make unique coffee and chocolate beverages, along with scrumptious desserts. Their store in Bangladesh is located in Gulshan Avenue of Dhaka.

5. Crème de la Crème

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Crème de la Crème offers blended coffee roasted in Japan. It offers its coffee in a unique assortment ranging from classic hot coffees such as Vietnamese Egg cappuccino, Doppio Con Panna, and more. Specialty hot coffees such as mocha, vanilla, hazelnut, etc. and many types of teas and ice-blended chillers. Their shop is located in Mohakhali of Dhaka.

6. Tabaq Coffee

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Tabaq coffee is one of the most popular and visited coffee shops in Dhaka. They have a significant reputation for their meticulous hospitality and customer service. They are known for serving top quality coffee, brownies, cheesecakes, and also sandwiches. At present, they have six stores throughout Dhaka.

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7. Arabika Coffee

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Arabika Coffee

Arabika coffee is a prominent coffee shop in Dhaka. The shop operates with the vision to make their customers experience high quality brew, while creating special memories. Some of their popular items include hot coffees such as cappuccinos and babyccinos. They also offer delicious desserts and sandwiches. Their shop is located in Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka.

8. Second Cup Bangladesh

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Second Cup Bangladesh is a part of the Canadian coffee retailer and roaster, Second Cup Café, which operates in more than 190 cafés globally. Their shops sell hot and cold beverages, desserts, snacks, and more. Second Cup Bangladesh has many stores throughout Dhaka.

9. Awake Coffee Roasters

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Despite being established fairly recently in 2020, Awake Coffee Roasters is one of the most popular coffee shops in Dhaka. It offers globally sourced premium espresso blends and filter coffees. 

The café serves items ranging from exquisite coffee with the choice of customized blends of roasted coffee beans, refreshment beverages, scrumptious desserts, snacks, and more. Their store is located in Bashundhara of Dhaka.

10. Coffee World Dhaka

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Coffee World Dhaka is a part of the multinational global Thai restaurant chain ‘Coffee World’. The store serves some of the finest beverages in town. Apart from different types of coffee and beverages, their stores also specialize in making specialty waffles, freshly made-to-order sandwiches and salads.

Coffee World Dhaka has many outlets throughout Dhaka, and their stores offer a serene and relaxing ambience to maximize their customers experience.

Coffee is an important part of everyday life and the coffee shops mentioned above offer some of the best coffee experiences with excellent ambience in Dhaka. These are the best places for avid coffee lovers to frequent and enjoy a good cup of coffee.


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