No matter how fascinating the idea to study abroad is, the process can be overwhelming. In Bangladesh, every year thousands of students go abroad for higher education. You can aim for better career opportunities, more scope of research and experiments and better prospects for life if you aim to go abroad.

However, with the complex processing and confusion, your dream will face lots of challenges. To combat those challenges, your best option is education consultants. 

Check out this list of the best education consultants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

1. Executive Study Abroad

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Executive Study Abroad is one of the education consultants in Dhaka

For a one-stop solution to all kinds of educational queries abroad, Executive Trade International (ETI) is a fantastic option. Ambitious students can have personalized consultations and navigate their educational life. ETI provides guidelines and ensures informative decisions for the best options. 

2. Edu Wise Foreign Consultancy

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Started in 2009 in Dhaka, Edu Wise Foreign Consultancy offers great service for students. Bangladeshi students can aim for world class education by consulting with the firm. The instructive advisors are best at handling different types of cases. You will be guided by their advisors according to your needs. 

3. PFEC Global

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PFEC Global is a diversified education consultancy. They provide not only helpful admission counseling, they also offer professional language training, career assessments, visa guidance and insurance recommendation. Another key advantage of their service is that they find lucrative scholarship opportunities from partnered institutions.

You might also like to check these student consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

4. Sangen Edu Ltd

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NHP Education Consultants

Sangen Edu Ltd. is a trusted student counseling firm which has been actively working with over 300 universities across Europe and Asia. For over 12 years, the firm helped thousands of students to get into universities abroad and even attain financial aid. For your dream to study abroad for higher studies, this firm is a great choice for students. 

5. NHP Education Consultants

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NHP Education Consultants has been helping students for more than 16 years. With their unwavering commitment and dedication to guide students through their abroad application, the team of advisors don’t fail to make the process easier. To get the best advice throughout your journey of abroad studying, you can trust them. 

6. Gills Consulting Associates Bangladesh

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With their ability to navigate through the complex abroad studying process, Gills Consulting Associates are committed to assist students to make the right choices. The professionals are the firm offer proper guidance and great advice for a smooth path to success. You can be honest about your dream destination, and the team of experts will guide you through the process. 


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One of the leading study abroad consultant firms is MACES. The firm offers innovative solutions and honest guidance counseling. Students can unravel their doubts and be open about their questions regarding any part of studying abroad, starting from the Visa processing to the scholarship processes. 

8. AHZ Associates Dhaka

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AHZ Associates

AHZ Associates Dhaka provides free counseling to students and then once you are interested to continue, you will be contacted by the firm for longer paid consultations. The professionals at the firm practice the highest level of professionalism and transparency. You will be treated as a valuable client and will receive the personal advice relevant to your case. 

9. Pro Info & Edu Consultant

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At their highest point of professionalism and visionary, Pro Info& Edu Consultant is one of the leading education consultancy companies in Bangladesh. The insightful sessions with the advisors help in clearing your doubts about studying abroad. With robust optimism, the firm’s experts will help you achieve success. 

10. GiC Education Limited

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GiC Education Limited only provides guidance to students seeking higher study abroad, it also offers career guidance and helps you navigate through your process. Without any hasty sessions, the experts will answer your queries and will provide you with meaningful advice so you can go for studying abroad hassle-free. 

11. Pinnacle Consultancy Group

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Pinnacle Consultancy Group

Pinnacle Consultancy Group is one of the most recognized consultancy firms. They are certified agents of UNI agents, ICEF and WEBAWORLD. As the firm is affiliated with many systems like the Global University System (GUS), Study Group and Cambridge Education Group. You can trust them with your application process by relying on their experience.

12. CSB Education

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CSB Education offers education counseling to students and their parents according to their needs. Since 2007, the firm has helped thousands of students to achieve their dream of studying in desired universities abroad. Based on your educational goals, the firm’s experts will effectively help you to have a smooth journey. 

13. Looks Global Education Management Ltd

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Offering help to students to reach over 200 universities, LooksGlobal is a reliable consulting firm. Their core mission is to guide and provide solutions to students so that they can manage the daunting path to study abroad. The professionals will build a bridge between students and their target educational institutions.

14. Edumig Limited Dhaka

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Based in both Dhaka and Chittagong, EDUMIG is an International education and immigration consultant. They provide their services for career counseling, visa assistance and admission assistance. This firm is the first  ICEF-certified agent in Chittagong and has been a well-known one in Dhaka. 

15. BD Expert Education

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BD Expert Education

BD Expert Education values the dream of every student who aims to go abroad for higher studies. This reliable firm conducts informative sessions with students to guide and help them complete the application process. The experts also help students by suggesting suitable career paths with respect to their goals. 

To fulfill your dream of going abroad, you can opt for any above listed education consultants in Dhaka. 


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