Feni district is located in Bangladesh’s south-eastern region, close to the Indian border. The district is part of the Chittagong Division and has a total area of 928 square kilometers. According to the 2011 census, the population of Feni was around 1.4 million people. Agriculture is the primary driver of the district’s economy, followed by industry, commerce, and remittances.

How to Visit Feni from Dhaka?

Feni can be travelled directly from Dhaka either by train route or by road. The by road distance from Dhaka to Feni is around 150 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Soudia Coach Service, and more. The direct train journey from Dhaka to Feni entails 4 hours and 30 minutes of travel.

3 Places to visit in Feni

1. Bijoy Singh Dighi

Bijoy Singh Dighi, Feni district

Bijoy Singh Dighi is the legendary work of Vijay Sen, the founder of the Feni Sen dynasty. It is a lake that sits in front of Feni Circuit House in Vijay Singh village, about 3 kilometers west of Feni town, in a very beautiful natural setting with high banks and trees on all four sides. This lake covers approximately 36.57 acres.

Legend says that the lake was believed to have holy water that could cure any illness, and so it was dug to try to cure the king’s daughter’s blindness. The story has been passed down for generations in the Tripura community and is still remembered today. Many people still visit the lake and believe in its healing powers.

2. Pagla Miar Mazar

The Pagla Miar Mazar is a 19th century shrine that was built by Syed Amir Uddin. It is located near the Feni zero point. The place a lot of markets and shops surrounding it, alongside small food stalls. The architecture and history of the place plays a key incentive for visiting this place.

3. Sonagazi Muhuri Irrigation Project

The Sonagazi Muhuri Irrigation Project is the second-largest irrigation project in Bangladesh. The site is known for its natural beauty and visited by tourists visiting Feni. Many parks and picnic spots have been constructed surrounding the lake, where numerous birds, trees, and small animals roam about.

Foods to try in Feni

Khondol Sweet

The Khondol sweet is a variation of the Rosh Golla, made from chana, flour, and syrup. It is best served warm. It is a sweet that originates from Feni.

2 Places to stay in Feni

1. Best Inn Hotel, Restaurant, Convention

The Best Inn Hotel, Restaurant, Convention is located in Shahid Shahidullah Kaisar Rd of Feni. The hotel is popular for providing great hospitality and all the modern amenities such as WIFI, room service, restaurant, and more.

2. Shamser Gazir Bansher Kella Resort

Shamser Gazir Bansher Kella Resort is located in Champaknagar, near the Feni river in the district of Feni. Shamser Gazir Bansher Kella offers garden views in addition to an aqua park, a sun deck, and a sun terrace to guests. The venue has a total of 20 rooms.

The place is known for its great hospitality and luxurious accommodations.

Things to do in Feni

Feni district is an exquisite district filled with activities such as boating, exploring historical places, and exploring the food. It is an interesting place amidst a naturally beautiful atmosphere.


Feni is an amazing district to visit and explore. It holds a lot of culture, history, and natural beauty for making new memories and experiences.


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