Healthcare startups are businesses made to cater to patients health and well being. Healthcare startups can both be profit or non-profit in nature. These businesses play a crucial role in enhancing the medical infrastructure of a country, even more so for emerging economies such as Bangladesh.

This article delves into the leading healthcare startups of Bangladesh.

1. Praava health

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Praava health is one of the leading healthcare startups of Bangladesh.

Praava Health is the leading health startup in Bangladesh. They combine telemedicine with physical clinics for utmost customer service. The company has served hundreds of thousands of patients till date with their services such as home test packages, diagnostic services, health checkups, video consultations, and more.

2. Maya

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Established in 2011, Maya or broadly known as Myalogy limited is a leading online health and well-being company in Bangladesh. Initially catering to only women, Maya now caters to everyone by providing services such as anonymous messaging service, whereby users can post their health, psycho-social, and legal questions.

Moreover, by using technology Maya sorts and routes these questions to a doctor, counselor, or some other relevant expert for getting the proper customer for their clients.

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3. Arogga

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Arogga is a leading healthcare startup that provides a digital health care platform for a one-stop solution to all healthcare needs ranging from medications, doctor consultations, and lab testing with sample collection from home, and more.

4. BanglaMeds

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BanglaMeds is one of the biggest digital pharmacies in Bangladesh. It is one of the leading healthcare startups of Bangladesh that provides more than 3000+ medicines from different brands and categories.

Currently, the brand is also partnered up with to provide fast home deliveries and cater to a broader customer base.

5. Olwel

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Olwel is a leading Finland-based health startup in Bangladesh. The company specializes in doorstep healthcare services, particularly on doctor consultations, from qualified and trained practitioners.

6. AmarLab

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Established in 2007, AmarLab is a leading healthcare startup in Bangladesh. The company provides services such as doorstep test and sample collection, diagnostics center selection, full body checkups, and more.

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7. LifeSpring

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Life Spring

Founded in 2017, LifeSpring is a leading healthcare brand of Bangladesh that specializes in providing physical and psychological health counseling to its patients. Moreover, they also provide corporate training and mental wellness programs aimed at individuals working in the corporate sector.

8. Pulse Healthcare Services

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Founded in 2008, Pulse Healthcare services is one of the most renowned healthcare startups in Bangladesh. They offer a virtual telemedicine platform and application with 24/7 video consultation with doctors and healthcare providers in Bangladesh, accessible through the web and smart devices.

9. Moner Bondhu

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Operating since 2016, Moner Bondhu is a leading mental healthcare and well being platform in Bangladesh that specializes in providing accessible and affordable mental healthcare to all.

Through their dedicated efforts, Moner Bondhu till date has reached more than 3 million people online and more than a hundred thousand people through their events.

10. Jolpie

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Established in 2015, Jolpie is a leading healthcare startup that provides a complete healthcare platform specializing in doctor consultation sorting and scheduling, medications, and working with health records. The startup connects with doctors, online consultations, storing health records, and more.

The aforementioned healthcare startups are responsible for not only improving their patients lives, but also making healthcare more accessible to people of all ages and professions. They indeed play a key role in enhancing the medical infrastructure of the country.


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