Jhalokati district is located in Bangladesh’s Barisal division. It is located in the country’s south and is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes. The district has a population of roughly 682,669 people and an area of approximately 758.06 square kilometers.

Jhalokati district’s economy is primarily agricultural, with crops such as paddy, jute, and vegetables providing the majority of the locals’ revenue. The district is also well-known for its fishing business, with numerous fish farms and ponds dotting the landscape. Overall, Jhalokati is a peaceful and charming district that provides a glimpse into Bangladesh’s rich cultural and economic variety.

How to Visit Jhalokati from Dhaka?

The best way to visit Jhalokati from Dhaka is to either use the by road route or take a flight from Dhaka to Barisal and then travel the rest of the distance by road to Jhalokati.

The by road route from Dhaka to jhalokati entails a distance of around 200 kilometers. One can entail bus services from companies such as SAKURA PARIBAHAN, HANIF ENTERPRISE, and more. To avail the by air route, direct flights from Dhaka to Barisal must be booked, thereafter a taxi can be taken to travel to Jhalokati for a distance of around 33 kilometers.

2 Places to visit in Jhalokati

1. Floating Market & Guava Garden

This market only takes its inception during the monsoon season in Bangladesh, when Guavas grow in abundance. The canals and the water bodies reflect the greenery of the surrounding trees and forest. It is one of the most visited places and a popular tourist attraction of the district.

2. Saturia Zamindar Bari

This place is located in the Rajapur upazila of the Jhalokati district.

The Saturia Zemindar bari is the birthplace of the great Bengali leader Ak Fazlul Huq, and the residences of the Zemindars of Saturia. This place is located in the Rajapur upazila of the Jhalokati district. This place has witnessed a many great events throughout the years, from the time of the British Raj to the partition, to independence of the country. Thus, it is a place of significant historic and national importance.

Foods to try in Jhalokati

1. Flour

Jhalokati is renowned for its production of flour and thus, flour-based breads as well. Flour can be found in abundance in this district.

Places to stay in Jhalokati

Dhanshari Rest House

The Dhanshiri Rest House is located near the Ronals road in Jhalokati district. The hotel is known for providing cozy and comfortable accommodations with good hospitality.

Things to do in Jhalokati

Jhalokati has many activities to offer. One of the most prominent activities in Jhalokati is boating across the rivers going through the city. Moreover, exploration of archaeological sites and places of historic importance are also activities that can be undertaken.


Jahlokati is a treasured district of Bangladesh. The culture, aura, markets, and everything else make this district an excellent destination for an individual to visit.


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