Jhenaidah district is situated in the division of Khulna in southwestern Bangladesh. The district has a population of roughly 1,771,304 people and an area of approximately 1,964.77 square kilometers.

Jhenaidah district’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, with an emphasis on crops such as paddy, jute, wheat, sugarcane, and vegetables. The region is also well-known for its fruit output, particularly mangoes. Because of the nearby river systems, the district has a major presence in the fishing industry.

How to Visit Jhenaidah from Dhaka?

Jhenaidah can be visited from Dhaka either by road, or by train, and even by air by taking a direct flight from Dhaka to Jessore and then travelling the rest on road. The by road distance from Dhaka to Jhenaidah is about 200 kilometers. Once can avail direct bus services from companies such as Hanif Enterprise.

Moreover, direct train services can also be availed from Dhaka to Jhenaidah, which last around 7 hours.

4 Places to visit in Jhenaidah

1. Dhol Somudur

Dhol Samudra Dighi is situated in the Jhenaidah district at Pagal Kanai Union. The century-old Dighi of Jhenaidah is located just 4 kilometers west of the city of Jhenaidah and encompasses approximately 52 bighas of territory. The structure is thought to have been constructed during the reign of King Mukut Roy. This location is surrounded by many folklore and stories.

2. Barobazar

Barobazar is a significant archaeological site in Bangladesh, situated approximately 26 kilometers from the Jhenaidah district. In 1993, near the Barobazar railway line, the Archaeological Department dug up 3 square kilometers of land, uncovering roughly 15 archaeological artifacts that included mosques, cemeteries, ports, and worldly structures. This location is historically significant in Bangladesh.

3. Jor Bangla Mosque

Jhenaidah district's majestic dome-bearing Jor Bangla Mosque or Jor Bangla Masjid is located in Kalobazar, Kaliganj Upazila.

Jhenaidah district’s majestic dome-bearing Jor Bangla Mosque or Jor Bangla Masjid is located in Kalobazar, Kaliganj Upazila.

The carvings and architecture of the mosque are conspicuous symbols of Muslim culture and its excellence. The Jor Bangla Masjid is thought to have been established in the Islamic year of 800 Hijri by Shah Sultan Mahmood, the son of Alauddin Husain Shah.

4. Shailkupa Zamindar House

The old Shailkupa Zamindar House can be found in Abaipur village, Shailkupa Upazila, Jhenaidah district. Ramsundar Sikdar, the Zamindar of Jashore district in undivided India, founded the Shailkupa Zamindar House on approximately 400 bighas of land in the mid-12th century. It is a historically significant location.

Foods to try in Jhenaidah

1. Paddy

Jhenaidah is renowned for its paddy production such as Hari’s paddy and managers’ paddy. The freshly harvested rice from this district serves as best ingredient to incredible dishes.

2 Places to stay in Jhenaidah

1. Hotel Dream Inn International

The hotel dream inn international is located on HSS road of Jhenaidah. The place is known for providing good hospitality alongside all the necessary amenities required for a comfortable stay.

2. Hotel Radiation Jhenaidah, Hotel & Resorts.

Hotel Radiation Inn is a hotel located on HSS road of Jhenaidah. The hotel is known for providing its guests with a cozy stay, alongside good hospitality and services.

Things to do in Jhenaidah

Jhenaidah district has a lot of activities to offer from exploring archaeological sites, to visiting exquisite natural landscapes with mesmerizing views.


Jhenaidah is an amazing district in the Southwestern side of the country. It encapsulates the southern culture and nature of the country, and should provide an amazing experience of discovering new things to its travelers.


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