Lakshmipur district is located in Bangladesh’s Chittagong division. According to the most recent available statistics, it has a land area of approximately 1,440.39 square kilometers and a population of approximately 1,938,111 people. The district is bounded to the north by the Chandpur district and to the south by the Noakhali and Bhola districts.

Lakshmipur district’s economy is mainly built on agriculture, with rice paddies and fishing being the most important industries. Furthermore, the region is home to a number of small-scale industries, such as textile and jute mills, as well as cottage industries like pottery and handicrafts.

How to Visit Lakshmipur from Dhaka?

Lakshmipur can be visited from Dhaka, either directly by road or by indirect train route via Pirganj or air route via Saidpur. The distance between Dhaka to Lakshmipur is about 150 kilometers. People travelling to the district can avail services from bus companies such as Dhaka Express, Miami Air Con, and more.

To avail the train route, a traveler must first embark on a journey of around 9 hours from Dhaka to Pirganj, Rangpur, and afterward travel to Lakshmipur by road from there, entailing a distance of around 15 kilometers. Moreover, to avail the air route, travelers must travel from Dhaka to Saidpur by air first, and then embark on a by road journey to Lakshmipur from Saidpur.

3 Places to visit in Lakshmipur

1. Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari

Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari was the residence of Zamindar Lakshmi Narayan Baishnab. It is situated in Lakshmipur district Sadar Upazila's Dalal Bazar Union.

Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari was the residence of Zamindar Lakshmi Narayan Baishnab. It is situated in Lakshmipur district Sadar Upazila’s Dalal Bazar Union. The house is situated on 36 acres of land. When the zamindars fled the region due to communal riots in 1946, it was abandoned.

The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh has made steps to establish the first Noakhali Archaeological Museum in this building. It is a historically significant site that attracts visitors from all over the nation.

2. Alexander Meghna Beach

Alexander Meghna Beach is situated in Union No. 4 of Ramgati Upazila, Lakshmipur District. The structure dates back to the reign of the British Raj, when it had been constructed by an individual named Alexander, the region’s then tax collector. \

The embankment built around the Meghna river is a genuinely breathtaking sight. Hundreds of tourists frequent this location to enjoy the majestic view and natural beauty it has to offer.

3. Jinn Mosque

The mythical “Jinn Mosque,” located in Raipur Upazila of Lakshmipur district, is one of the district’s most famous tourist destinations. The mosque is said to have been constructed by Jinns around 130 years ago, according to local legends. With three domes and four minarets, the mosque is 110 feet long and 70 feet broad.

Aside from the usual prayer halls, an intriguing secret place of worship located about 20 to 25 feet beneath the mosque has also been found.

2 Foods to try in Lakshmipur

1. Coconut Dishes

The Laxmipur district is known for its coconut production. Due to its abundance of the fruit, many dishes and treats are made with the mixture and addition of coconut. The locals of the district make dishes such as malai-chingri, a coconut-based shrimp curry or coconut based traditional cakes or pithas, throughout the year.

2. Muri/ Puffed Rice Items

Puffed rice or locally called muri, is one of the most industrially produced commodities of the Laxmipur district. In recent times, there has been a resurgence in its production due to greater demand. The wide availability of this items, makes it a key ingredient and a side dish to many dishes taken by the people of Laxmipur.

2 Places to stay in Lakshmipur

1. Alexander Rest House

The Alexander Rest House is one of the most renowned hotels in Laxmipur. It is located in the Char Alexander area of the district. The hotel is known for providing great hospitality alongside many amenities to provide their guests with a comfortable experience.


The Hotel Firoz International is a popular hotel in Laxmipur. The hotel is located in Godawoun Road, Collectoret road of Lakshmipur. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and is frequented by guests from all over the country, while visiting this district.

Things to do in Lakshmipur

Lakshmipur is a culturally, historically, and economically rich district that offers a lot of bustling activities to its travelers. Travelers can experience some of the finest natural landscapes and culture by doing activities such as hiking, trekking, discovering museums, and more.


Lakshmipur is an important district that has its own distinct characteristics and Zeal. A visit to this place by any traveler is sure to mesmerize and create an amazing experience for their travels.


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