The trend of pasta places has skyrocketed in Dhaka in the last few years. Many local residents have developed a taste for Italian cuisine, and pasta has become a popular dish. Dhaka’s pasta joints offer a wide range of options ranging from traditional favorites like spaghetti Bolognese to imaginative creations with unique and exciting flavor pairings.

Let’s look into the list of best pasta places in Dhaka city.

1. Alfresco

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Alfresco is one of the Best Pasta Places in Dhaka

Alfresco is a renowned restaurant that is known for offering different types of cuisine. They have restaurants in numerous locations in Dhaka. Alfresco offers and promotes a cozy ambience, perfect for hanging out with friends and casual social gatherings. The restaurant is particularly known as a go-to pasta place for providing delicious pastas such as Seafood Pasta, Pasta Basta, Pasta Bolognese, and more.

2. Villa Azzur

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Villa Azzur is an upscale restaurant located in Banani of Dhaka. The restaurant is known for providing delicious Italian cuisines, and a great fine dining experience. Villa Azur is particularly known for their pasta items and thus, is sometimes also colloquially referred to as an upscale pasta place in Dhaka. You must try their Creamy white pasta and Penne Arabita, for an authentic pasta experience.

3. Barcode Cafe Dhaka

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Barcode Café Dhaka is a popular restaurant that specializes in making numerous cuisines. People from all ages visit this restaurant due to their good reputation and excellent cooking. The restaurant is particularly renowned for their pastas, namely their oven-baked pasta, chicken pasta, and seafood pasta.

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4. O’ Play

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O’Play is an Italian restaurant located in Banani of Dhaka. The restaurant is meticulously decorated and has both indoors and outdoors seating options. O’play offers a more natural and peaceful ambiance, perfect for social gatherings and family outings. The restaurant is renowned for their Pasta Bolognese, Pesto Pasta with Prawn, and more.

5. Prego – The Westin Dhaka

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Prego is a fine dining restaurant within The Westin Dhaka. The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisines particularly Pastas and Pizzas. You can enjoy a diverse array of pastas with exquisite flavors in Prego.

6. Spaghetti Jazz

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Spaghetti Jazz is one of the most popular pasta places in Dhaka. The restaurant offers an ambient atmosphere and an amazing food menu that specializes in the Italian cuisine, particularly in making exquisite pastas ranging from Lasagnas, Cannelloni’s, Spaghettis, and more.

7. Bella Italia

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Bella Italia is an upscale Italian restaurant that specializes in making delicious Italian dishes, particularly specializing in Pizzas and Pastas. Due to its wide array of Pasta selection, it is considered by some as their go-to Pasta place. You can try out their Penne pastas, spaghettis, raviolis, Lasagnas, and more to experience the unique tastes.

8. Raffinato Ristorante Italiano

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Raffinato Ristorante Italiano is one of the most highly reputed restaurants in Dhaka that produces one of the best Italian cuisines in this city. The restaurant offers a unique Italian interior and a serene ambience that compliments their excellent dishes. The restaurant excels in making Penne pasta’s, Cannelloni’s, Spaghettis, and more.

9. Evviva Italian Ristorante

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Evviva Italian Ristorante is a relatively new Italian restaurant that has gained immense traction due to their delicious Italian cuisines, particularly pertaining to Pizzas and Pastas. You can try out their Pappardelle Bolognese and 99 layer lasagna for a perfect pasta experience.

10. Zephyr

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Zephyr is a fine dining restaurant located in Banani of Dhaka. The place offers a picturesque interior to provide for a soothing ambiance, perfect for any social gatherings. You must try out their fettuccine, Alfredo and Beef Lasagne for a perfect pasta experience.

Pasta restaurants are becoming increasingly popular due to factors such as expanding interest in international cuisines, the versatility of pasta as a comfort food, and the growing number of restaurants and cafés specializing in Italian cuisine. These restaurants have helped to build a thriving pasta scene in Dhaka, attracting both foodies and pasta connoisseurs.


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