Are you a shopping enthusiast who is looking for a one-stop shopping mall in Dhaka? Then you are at the right place. In Dhaka, presently there are several shopping complexes that offer impressive shopping experiences. The malls are equipped with air-conditioned areas, vast safe places to roam, amazing food courts and a range of local and international shopping outlets. 

Here is the list of the best shopping malls in Dhaka. 

1. Jamuna Future Park

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Jamuna Future Park is one of the best shopping malls in Dhaka.

The largest shopping complex in Bangladesh is Jamuna Future Park. Inaugurated in 2013, this market is not such a shopping center with various fashion brands, it is also a spot of entertainment. This seven storied complex has it all – movie theater, theme park, swimming pool, shopping area for all, entertainment zones, food court and more. 

2. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

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One of the most well known shopping malls in Dhaka is Bashundhara City Complex. This modern mall offers over 2300 retail stores. Starting from fashion products, electronics to food courts, this mall has it all. Several international brand outlets are scattered all over the mall. The food court of the mall is one of the favorite spots for the people. 

3. Police Plaza Concord

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Near Hatirjeel, Police Plaza Concord Shopping Mall is a modern shopping outlet. Established with association with Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust and the Concord Group, this mall is a long-rising complex. This 12 storied mall has a shopping area and corporate offices. From high end brands to non-branded shops, you will get it all here.

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4. New Market

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New Market is one of the oldest markets in Dhaka. Since 1954, this market place has changed a lot but the amazing shopping experience of people of all walks of life remained the same. It is the most popular shopping spot for middle-class people as from books to groceries to anything purchasable can be found here. 

5. Shimanto Square

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Shimanto Square

Shimanto Square is one of the newest shopping complexes in Dhaka, located in BDR Fate of Dhanmondi. Border Guard Bangladesh is the owner of the mall. The mall has a range of high-end brands including Vogue Bangladesh and more. The food court is one of the most busiest and popular spots of the mall. 

6. Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex

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Established in 1990, Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex is one of the unique multi-storied shopping malls in Dhaka. This complex is one of the best solutions to buy jewelry, clothing or electrical devices. The mobile shops have a range of options along with choices for mobile accessories and more. 

7. Pink City

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Located in Gulshan, Pink City is a 5-storied lavish mall. For fashion lovers, it is a fantastic shopping destination. Starting from Bangladeshi fashion brands to Indian and Pakistani attire brands, this shopping offers a variety of choices. To get that Indian or Pakistani Lehenga, you would not need to go to India or Pakistan, as you will find it here. 

8. Rapa Plaza

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Rapa Plaza

Rapa Plaza stands as one of the shopping complexes with all modern facilities in Dhaka. Containing about 150 air-conditioned stores, this shopping mall has a lot of spots to buy all kinds of products including cosmetics, fashion accessories, trending attires, shoes and more. You can roam and then enjoy a meal in the food places of the mall. 

9. Metro Shopping Mall

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Metro Shopping Mall has over 41 stores to enjoy a great shopping experience. You will find trending shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics in this mall. It is well known for its large variety of great clothing collections and electric products. 

10. Maskot Plaza

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Established in 2001, Maskot Plaza has an impressive architectural structure for a shopping mall. With its middle east vibe, this mall offers local handicrafts of Bangladesh by Aarong. It has a floor designated for gold and jewelry shops. This mall is known for being the second largest mall for gold in the country. 

11. Tokyo Square

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Tokyo Square

Tokyo Square is a popular modern shopping mall located in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Some of the popular items to shop here are branded and non-branded shops of beauty products, attires, mobile, electronics, and books. Food spots in this mall are favorite spots for children and shopping enthusiasts. 

12. Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall

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With both local and international branded outlets, Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall is a fantastic place to shop to your heart’s content. The mall is unique with a movie theater, vast areas for roaming, a variety of shopping outlets and an excellent food court. 

In Dhaka, the shoppers can enjoy a satisfying shopping experience in any of the listed best shopping malls in Dhaka. So don’t forget to check out these for your next shopping craze. 


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