The job market in Bangladesh is quite competitive. Even if you are employed, you need to always look for ways to better yourself in your field or try to diversify your skills as much as possible.

If you are a student as a part-time employee or looking for jobs, you can try adding a new path through which you can earn some money and diversify your work. Be it a small business or trying to generate income from a hobby, side hustles are a great way to financial and personal growth. 

Here are the top side hustles for students in Bangladesh that you can start by yourself to boost your career!

1. Graphics Design

Graphic designer is one of the best side hustles for students in Bangladesh.

In today’s world, from a mere post on Facebook to any app on your phone, graphics design is required immensely. You can learn graphics design for free from YouTube and other platforms. You can also take courses. Either way, you would work for business owners, local startups, social media companies and so on.

Best thing is that you would get a lot of opportunities for freelance or project work instead of dedicating 9-5 hour jobs. If you have an updated mobile device or a moderate PC, you can work as a graphic designer comfortably. As you improve your skills, you can experiment and get a lot of chances to showcase your work. 

2. Blogging

Right now you are reading this blog, and if you observe, millions of people read tons of blogs every week. Blogging is a profitable content creating option. You can pick your interest. Be it business, health, cooking, traveling or so on, and then create a blog and update your contents consistently. Through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, email subscriptions and other revenue streams, you can easily earn and work comfortably from home. 

3. Virtual Assistant

For busy students, Virtual Assistant is a fantastic way to earn money and improve your networking skills. Currently, with the increase of startups, virtual businesses and more, the demand for virtual assistants is rapidly increasing.

Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it and work smoothly. Some tasks of virtual assistants are manage emails, provide customer service, product promotion, data entry, email marketing, setting up appointments, social media handling, etc

4. Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring jobs

One of the most feasible options for students in Bangladesh is to teach. Be it your major subject or the subject you are good at, you can start tutoring. Either you can work as a part-time tutor or home tutor. You can even provide online tutoring classes to students across the country. Try to build trustworthy relationships and provide some flexibility, you can teach and gain experience. 

5. Research Assistant

With the demand for information, great opportunities for research are available. Research Assistant is a part time work where you conduct and create digestible information from various researches.

Different government and private organizations hire contractual researchers and as a student, you can apply for a research assistant position. This hustle is fruitful to add in your resume as researching is an advantageous skill. 

6. Affiliate Marketing and Sales

Affiliate Marketing and Sales is one of the great ways to make passive income. Through the content you create, you can target traffic and then proceed to approach affiliate marketing companies. The sponsored advertisements and sales in your blog, social media content or other ways can help you drive more traffic to your website or other means. For the student content creators out there, this is an important opportunity. 

7. Local Business Consultant

Local Business consultant

If you have any valuable soft skills, then you can work as a Local Business Consultant. Currently, with the increase of companies and startups, business consultants are in high demand.

As a student, you might polish your communication skills, marketing skills, data management or so on, and as a consultant, you can provide valuable feedback and help them solve issues. For this hustle, you would need to have proper knowledge about the local business environment and stay updated. 

8. Call Center Operator

University students are often busy with their heavy schedule. One of the best outsourcing hustle you can do by taking out chunks of your time and using it wisely is being a Call Center Operator. The call centers hire students to help in customer service as they require large manpower.

Some skills which are required for this hustle are communication skills, fluency in native language as well in English, clear pronunciation and patience. In your convenient time, you can work in the call centers part-time or contractual. 

9. Travel Consultant

Do you love to travel or find yourself watching travel vlogs a lot? Students get many chances to go on trips and study tours. You can do well in this niche of traveling by being a Travel Consultant. Right from your home, you can keep tabs of airfare sales, cheapest flights, best places to visit and other travel information.

Then proceed to be a travel consultant via connecting and recommending in different groups, social media accounts, LinkedIn and so on. Travel agents and people who love traveling will pay you for your research and information. 

10. Delivery


With the increasing dependency on e-commerce, the demand for delivery services are constantly rising. Students are the best candidates for courier services, local delivery service providers and food places. You would need to have a heavy resume.

Rather based on your location, the delivery charges differ, so after planning your convenient routes and timings, you can work as a delivery person and it can be a great experience and source of income. 

As a student it is hard to balance work and academics. However, you can start your own pace of personal development and financial success through the listed best side hustles for students in Bangladesh and stay ahead of most people your age. 


Maimuna Alam is an enthusiastic content writer at Prothom Tech who is passionate about education, health and recreational topics. With being a full time reader and part time leader, she brings in dedication and passion to become a better storyteller.

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