Are you looking for a place in Bangladesh where you can make your sports dreams come true? Well, there are plenty of sports academies in the country where they guide, support and help you to become an ace player in your desired sports, like Cricket, Football, Basketball and more. 

Check out this list of the best sports academies in Bangladesh and get started with your sports dream. 

1. United Sports Academy

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United Sports Academy is one of the best Sports Academies in Bangladesh

United Sports Academy-USA is an amazing training center for future athletes. Be it football or cricket, the academy ensures to support the students to make the most of their potential. The women’s football team trained by this academy won the “SAFF Women’s Championship 2022” against Maldives. 

2. Khelbei Bangladesh

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Khelbei Bangladesh is a one-stop sports area for sports enthusiasts. The professionals of the academy are committed to provide people with ultimate help with sports. The academy offers free tutorials on a number of sports including cricket, football, and boxing. Children and adults get the best training here and even there is a fitness expert to help with healthy physical exercises. 

3. Bangladesh Cricket Academy – BCA

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Bangladesh Cricket Academy is one of the best and oldest cricket academies in north Dhaka. The practice sessions are arranged with a great curriculum and professional coaches. Sportsmen like Mahmudullah Riyad have practiced at the academy and commend the amazing work to teach the students the best form of cricket.

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4. Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd.

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Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd. is one of the most popular sports academies in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. This multi-sports club is notable for the cricket and football practices.

The coaching staff are experts who have great achievements and experiences that are reflected during the training sessions. The club competes in the Bangladesh Premier League, the top-flight of football in Bangladesh.

5. Abahani Club

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Abhani Club

Founded in 1989, Abahani Club is one of the oldest and established sports academies in Dhaka. Be it basketball or cricket, the coaching staff provides the best guidance to the students of the academy.

The club participates in the Bangladesh Premier League. This renowned club receives great appreciation and recognition from other sports clubs and federations. 

6. Faisal Badminton Academy

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Faisal Badminton Academy is a fantastic option for badminton enthusiasts. The huge court and great practice area with facilities make it the best place to practice and ace at badminton. The staff are extremely friendly and help the students to bring out their best performances. 

7. Mohamedan Sporting Club

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Mohamedan Sporting Club

Founded in 1963, Mohamedan Sporting Club is one of the oldest and most popular football clubs in the country, which is located in Dhaka. The students trained by the academy ace their skills and the experts ensure that the students are able to have healthy competition. The team of the academy plays in the Bangladesh Premier League. 

8. ALPHA Sports

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Right at the heart of Mohammadpur, Dhaka, ALPHA Sports- Mohammadpur is a fantastic sports academy. The staff are supportive of the free sporting activities and the academy is equipped with modern facilities. With the artificial turf and other facilities, the academy brings out the best performance. 

9. Dhaka Aswad Sports Cricket Academy

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Dhaka Aswad sports cricket academy

Dhaka Aswad sports cricket academy is dedicated to bring out the best of the best athletes. Besides the usual training session, the academy also arranges different tournaments between school and college cricket and football matches to practice and learn. The coaches of the academy encourage healthy competition. 

10. Kobi Nazrul Cricket Academy

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With its turf, pitches, indoor & outdoor Cricket Grounds and other facilities, Kobi Nazrul Cricket Academy is a great option for cricket enthusiasts.

The academy supports and guides students to make the most out of facilities and make great improvements to their cricket playing skills. The coaches not only teach great tactics and skills, but they also help in the development of teams. 

To take the first step towards your dream to have a career in sports, contact and get started at any of the listed sports academies in Bangladesh. 


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