Skincare is a self-care aspect of our lives; just like working out, we need to take care of our skin. It is no secret that as the environment deteriorates, skincare is more important than ever. Around 80% of skin cancer cases are associated with UV radiation exposure. 

Morbid? Yes.

This should worry you, and you should at least look into a few basic skincare products; they won’t guarantee to protect you completely, but they will greatly reduce the risk. With so many various brands, how can we locate the ideal skincare products? We’ll highlight the top skin care brands in Bangladesh. Finding brands that work for you is a hassle. So, here’s a little guide to that: 

1. Maybelline 

Maybelline is one of the most diversified and cost-effective brands on the market. It was first made available in America in 1915.

Because it was long-lasting, diverse, and reasonably priced, their Fit Me collection was popular with both professional makeup artists and Instagram makeup influencers. Let me tell you that Maybelline’s mascara is still among the best on the market; it was one of the first products that practically everyone purchased from the brand. 

2. L’oreal

I have a good feeling that this was the first brand of box dye you ever encountered as a youngster or saw being used by those around you. It was first sold as a French brand in 1901.

They manufacture hair care, skincare, cosmetics, and styling products in addition to their immensely popular lipsticks. These lipsticks have consistently had one of the greatest formal designs, with an incredible, long-lasting formula.

3. Nivea 

The German brand Nivea was first created in 1911 and is a household name for everyone. Their famous blue cream is comparable to the La Mer cream, which costs about $200 for 1oz. Lotions and moisturizers are widely available in Bangladesh, and there is a wide variety of skincare and body care items available from Nivea.

4. The Ordinary

The Ordinary is most likely the entry-level skincare brand that individuals were initially introduced to when they first started using skincare products. Their best-selling items are serums. The variety of serums accessible informs us about the various compositions of skincare materials and what our skin requires. 

5. Simple Skincare 

If you visit a supermarket, everyone will be familiar with the name Simple Skincare. For sensitive skin, it is a British brand that was first established in 1960; its best-selling items include toners and moisturizers. It is very reasonably priced and a great brand for everyone. 


The American company Neutrogena was established in the 1930s and has a reputation for producing top-notch skincare items. Neutrogena face wash was undoubtedly still used in your home even when you weren’t into skincare.

Their sunscreen is well-liked because it is inexpensive and of excellent quality. Dermatologists and consumers alike loved Neutrogena’s hyaluronic acid line for how well it moisturized skin and how pleasant it felt.

7. Innisfree 

Everyone in the skincare sector is familiar with the name Innisfree. With ingredients ethically obtained from Jeju Island, South Korea, Innisfree is well known for its accessibility and brand philosophy, which promotes healthy and moderately priced beauty products. K-pop stars frequently use the brand.

Innisfree moisturizer went viral for being used by K-pop star Woonyoung. Later, when she was named the company’s worldwide ambassador, her ad went viral, making the brand and Woonyoung go viral again.

8. Cosrx 

Cosrx is a fan-favorite brand. People who first started to diversify their skincare routine started with Cosrx. The blemish cream is still a staple for so many people; it soothes and nourishes the skin and helps fight against blemishes. Their AHA and BHA toners are the most popular products from their brands; they are gentle and help fight against blackheads and whiteheads. 

9. MAC

Everybody’s daily makeup routine includes MAC products. Even though it is more expensive than most, you can see why it is so well-liked. In history, MAC’s lipsticks and concealer line have both become iconic symbols. 

10. CeraVe

Everyone uses Cerave regularly, and although it is simple, it is a staple brand. It includes vital ceramides that can aid in restoring the skin’s barrier of defense. They also sell body care items that can be used to treat particular skin issues. Cerave is frequently suggested by dermatologists due to its efficacy in treating fundamental skin disorders.

11. The glow recipe 

The glow recipe, a TikTok cult favorite, is renowned for assisting in achieving glass skin brightness. Fruit extracts high in antioxidants are used in their goods’ formulation.

Their antioxidant-rich toners and serums, proven to help create radiance, are their best-selling products. What is the finest aspect of products being well-liked on TikTok? The populace selects them. 

12. Olaplex

This is an American-founded luxury haircare company. Despite not having been on the market for very long, this quickly overtook the competition in the hair care sector. They offer salon-style care at home. As you use these products, you gain a better understanding of your hair and its requirements.

13. SK-II

Japanese skincare company SK-II is best known for its essence. Because their products contain 90 percent pietra, a natural bio-ingredient that is farmed and developed in Japan specifically for the product and has been the gold standard for anti-aging for 40 years, their goods are expensive but well-priced.

To understand more about your skin and the products, you can also discover a skincare guide on their website.

14. Hada Labo 

Japanese skincare company Hada Labo was created by Rohto Pharmaceutical. The company is best recognized for its hyaluronic acid products and for providing refill pouches that are kind to the environment.

They offer in-depth studies regarding their products.

15. La Roche Posey 

A French skincare brand known for the high caliber and potency of its products designed specifically for sensitive skin is La Roche-Posay. Dermatologists all over the world endorse it.

Their products—particularly their moisturizers and sunscreens—went viral for how well they restored skin barriers. You can get analysis and suggestions on skincare on their website. 

Something that we don’t realize is how old some of these companies are and how much history is related to each one of these brands. These brand histories enabled them to comprehend the market and create the incredible products they made.


Maliha Mahnoor is a writer with a passion for storytelling. She loves fashion and skincare; however, her writing is not limited to this genre. When not writing, she enjoys exploring new literary horizons.

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