All around Dhaka, there are innumerable home decor outlets where you will find the best products. Be it for maintaining the security of your house or to add aesthetics to your home, curtains are important. You can even re-decorate your house or office just by hanging new curtains that suit your style.

Check out this list of the best curtain shops in Dhaka and purchase the most beautiful designed curtains. 

1. Fabrics View

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Fabrics View is one of the best curtain shops in Dhaka.

Since 1997, Fabrics View is a premium curtain shop who beautifies your lovely home. They sell beautiful curtains along with interiors and accessories. You can explore from tons of options and even have a hard time choosing among such amazing options. Besides curtains, you can also find window treatments, metal finish eyelets, premium pole ends and so on. 

2. Gramsico Furnishing 

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If you are having a hard time mixing and matching curtain patterns, designs and textures, then Gramsico Furnishing offers you to have it all within variety at their shops. You can find lightweight fabrics and even luxurious velvet curtains in their collection. The range of fabrics within affordable price ranges make the customers want to come back. 

3. Window Furnishing

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Window Furnishing

Window Furnishing offers all kinds of home decoration materials. They are retailer and wholesaler so based on your need, be it for your office or for your home, you can find the best curtain choices in their outlets. Office blinds, chandeliers, glass fittings and other accessories are also available. So, it can be your ultimate solution to complete your home decors. 

4. Bashundhara Curtain Park

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For beautifying your home, Bashundhara Curtain Park is an amazing option to look into. Their flagship showroom offers a wide range of options. From sheer line to opaque cotton, you can choose from a variety of curtain styles and designs. 

5. Fabric Castle

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For both stylish and practical curtains, your go-to place can be Fabric Castle. With perfect designs to impress you and various accessories to fit in your home’s design, you will be satisfied with their service. Their color selections of different shades are targeted to match any kind of interior home decors. 

6. Weavers

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To make your home look more inviting, you can select curtains and decor accessories from Weavers. Their designs have interesting details that enhance the beauty of your home decor. With a lot of options to look at, you can visit their showroom. 

7. Avijat Furnishing

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Designed and carefully crafted curtains can be found in Avijat Furnishing. They are among the leading curtain shops in Dhaka city. You can decorate your home with the premium quality fabric curtains and the best part is the extensive choices of designs. They also offer a premium range of curtain accessories to compliment your curtains and decor. 

8. Hometex

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To preserve the aesthetics of your home, and at the same time beautifying it with durable material is a great task. So, Hometex tries to make it easier for you as they offer unique designs and different material curtains to customers. You can even try versatile designs that are hard to find elsewhere. 

9. Curtain Palace

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Well known as one of the leading companies of quality curtain and upholstery fabrics is none other than Curtain Palace. Be it for patterned rooms or if you need textured style, there are various options of curtains to choose from. Sheer curtains are one of their most complimented products. You can even customize some design changes that suit you well. 

10. Zaber & zubair fabrics ltd.

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Zaber & zubair fabrics ltd.

There is no doubt that curtains enhance the beauty of your home and complement your walls. From Zaber & zubair fabrics ltd, you can find different textures of curtains within a wide range of designs. Their curtain fabrics are suitable for laundry and durable so you can trust them for beautifying your home or office. 

11. Skipper

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Skipper is a trusted and well-known curtain shop in Dhaka. They import, sell wholesale and offer retailing options. So you can choose your curtain design and customize if necessary and lastly receive the best end results of beautiful high-quality curtains that enhance the beauty of your home. 

12. Curtain Gallery

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Curtain Gallery has a huge collection of beautiful curtains with incredible designs. From elegant shaded curtains to bold drapes, you will find all kinds of curtains in their showroom. They also offer window treatments that are created with the artistic touch that would suit different kinds of home interior. 

The above listed curtain shops in Dhaka are superior in quality and affordability. So, to decorate your home to capture your essence, purchase right away.


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