Driving license is one of the most important legal documents for any individuals in this contemporary world. Acquiring this certification gives an individual the mobility to drive a motor vehicle from one point to another in a legal manner.

This article will primarily focus on how to get a driving license in Bangladesh, particularly on the learners, and the non-professional driving license.

Types of Driving Licenses in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh there are 6 types of driving license that can be availed. The following is listed below:

i. Learners License

ii. Non-Professional License

iii. Professional Driving License

iv. International Driving License

v. Public Service Driving License

vi. Instructor License

Minimum Requirements for All Driving Licenses:

Prior to applying for a driving license, some of pre-requisite conditions must be met. The following is listed below:

1. NID Certificate, Birth Certificate, and passport.

2. An 8th grade completion, for offline applicants, and a minimum of 10th grade/ SSC completion for online applicants.

3. A minimum age of 18 years, for the non-professional driving license, and a minimum age of 20 years for a professional driving license.

4. Obtaining the learners License

Learners Driving License

The learners driving license is the first step in getting any of the aforementioned licenses, either it is a non-professional or an international driving license. The learners driving license is obtained by downloading an online application form from the Bangladesh Road and Transport Authority (BRTA) website.

The steps required to get a learners driving license are given below:

i. Applying for the desired form online (Visit Official Website)

ii. Image of the applicant with a maximum of 150kb size and 300×300 pixels aspect ratio

iii. Medical Certificate signed by a registered doctor (600kb max.)

iv. NID Card Scanned Copy (600kb max.)

v. Utility Bills (Gas, Electricity, Water, etc.) of the current address (600kb max.)

vi. A payment of 345 BDT (for a single vehicle category, such as cars or motorcycle) or a payment of 518 BDT (for multiple vehicles, such as car and motorcycle) will be required to complete the application and pay the application fee

vii. After completing the aforementioned steps, the driver’s learners license will be created

After the learners driving license is obtained, a driving license exam date will be scheduled for the applicant. The date is usually after 3 months or later. This gives the learner enough time to learn how to drive and prepare for the exam.

Obtaining a Non-Professional Driving License:

After the prior steps have been completed, the applicant needs to do the following steps in order to obtain their main driving license, alongside their smart card.

i. The applicant needs to pass written, verbal, and practical examinations from their designated BRTA test center.

ii. After the successful completion of the exams, the applicant needs to make a payment of BDT 2542 to BRTA, after a few days.

iii. A copy of attested NID certificate.

iv. Learner’s license, medical certificate, and driving license application also needs to be submitted to the designated BRTA office.

v. A token will be provided by the BRTA, scheduling a biometric scan for the applicant. 

vi. After the completion of the biometric scan, a temporary driving license will be provided, by which the applicant can legally drive on the roads.

vii. After a few months, the official license will be given to the applicant on a scheduled date. The temporary driving license can be returned in exchange for the smart card.

Thus, after months of work, the desired driving license will be obtained by the applicant, giving them the license to drive a vehicle without any legal embroilment and with confidence.


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