Gaibandha district is located in the north of Bangladesh and a part of the Rangpur division. Kurigram, Rangpur, Nilphamari, and Jamalpur districts all surround the district. As of 2022, there were roughly 2,562,232 people living in Gaibandha, which encompasses a total area of 2,179.27 square kilometers.

The district’s income is largely reliant on agriculture, with crops like paddy, wheat, maize, and vegetables being produced. The fishing sector in Gaibandha is also well-known and important to the regional economy.

How to Visit Gaibandha from Dhaka?

Gaibandha can be visited from Dhaka either by train, by road, and even by air. The Dhaka to Gaibandha road route is about 263 kilometers long. The best way to travel through the road route is to avail bus services from companies such as S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd, Alhamra Paribahan, Orin Travels, and more.

For the train route, individuals can avail direct train services from Dhaka top Gaibandha that take around 8 hours. An air route can also be availed by taking flights from Dhaka to Saidpur, and then travelling by road from Saidpur to Gaibandha which takes around a hour and a half.

3 Places to visit in Gaibandha

1. Rangpur Sugar Mills LTD

Rangpur Sugar Mill Limited is one of the few heavy industrial businesses in Bangladesh’s Gaibandha district and also one of the country’s largest sugar mills. It has considerable economic significance. The architecture of this place provides an insight into this country’s early stages of industrialization.

2. Shah Sultan Gazi Mosque

The Mirer Bagan Shah Sultan Gazi Mosque is situated at Gaibandha Sadar in the Gaibandha district. According to some estimates, it was constructed around a thousand years ago by the renowned saint Shah Sultan Gazi. This location is well-known for its religious and historical significance.

3. Pracheen Masta Masjid

Pracheen Masta Masjid is located at Gobindaganj in the Gaibandha district.

Pracheen Masta Masjid is located at Gobindaganj in the Gaibandha district. The mosque is blessed with numerous folklore and history. It is assumed that the mosque had been built at least a few hundred years ago. Today it serves as one of the landmarks of the Gaibandha district.

Foods to try in Gaibandha

1. Rasamanjari

Ramesh Chandra Ghosh created the ‘Rasamanjari’ for the first time in Gaibandha in 1940. Later, its fame spread throughout the nation, and this desert became the traditional sweet of the Gaibandha region. Round-shaped soft juicy sweets float in the center of viscous reddish milk called Kheer in this unique dessert. This delectable sweet treat is made with pure cow’s milk, chhana, sugar, and cardamom.

2 Places to stay in Gaibandha

1. SKS Inn

The SKS Inn, a 4-Star Resort, is situated in a lush, rural environment on about 19.2 acres of land in the Gaibandha district. The resort provides recreational facilities for family vacations, honeymoons, corporate events, and more.

The resort includes amenities such as Conference Halls and Training Rooms, a Children’s Zone, etc. It also provides a variety of activities such as boating, zoo excursions, and more.

2. Hotel North Bengal Gaibandha

The Hotel North Bengal Gaibandha is a renowned private hotel that is known for providing great hospitality at affordable prices.

Things to do in Gaibandha

Gaibandha district is a lively district with a lot of places to discover and new experiences to be made. From early morning hikes to boating on the water bodies, Gaibandha has a lot of activities to offer.


Gaibandha is an amazing district that is undoubtedly destined to create profound memories for its travelers. The destination holds historical, economical, and cultural importance in Bangladesh.


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