Gold is one of the most precious things a person can own. In Bangladesh, gold is a part of the culture where during weddings and any auspicious occasions, gold is exchanged and gifted. Selecting the best design that you would love to adorn with can be quite challenging. 

So for purchasing the best piece, check out this list of the best gold jewelry shops in Dhaka. 

1. Amin Jewellers 

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Amin Jewellers is one of the best gold jewellery shops in Dhaka.

Amin Jewellers is one of the most popular jewelry shops in the country. Established in 1966, they are entrusted with selling the best quality of both gold and diamond. Since their beginning, with their excellent service and beautiful designs, they have remained a favorite jewelry showrooms in Bangladesh. 

2. Al-Amin Jewellers

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Since 2000, Al-Amin Jewellers have been committed to providing the best quality gold jewelry in Bangladesh. Following the family legacy, this jewelry shop strives to deliver quality service and products. With world-wide customers, they offer luxurious pieces, trendy designs and even simple designed gold pieces. 

3. Apan Jewellers

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Apan Jewellers

Apan Jewellers is one of the largest gold jewelry brands in Bangladesh. Their incredible eye-catching design ornaments are suitable for weddings, great occasions, or even regular use. Keeping affordability in mind, they offer stunning gold pieces that you are bound to love. Their great skill of helping the customers select the suitable pieces make them thrive for decades.

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4. Venus Jewellers Bangladesh

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Most popular for bridal designs, Venus Jewellers Bangladesh is a fantastic choice to visit for wedding occasions. Their excellent professional services enable the customers to choose the best pisces and even get their personalized designs at an affordable price. Their craftsmen never fail to amaze the customers. 

5. Sultana Jewellers Ltd

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For their creative and innovative designs, Sultana Jewellers Ltd remains one of the top gold jewelry shops in the country. Their product quality is top-notch and the pieces in the incredible collection are certified. With proper convenience and costing, the customers enjoy an elated shopping experience with them. 

6. Malabar Gold and Diamond

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Malabar Gold and Diamond

Malabar Gold and Diamond is a reliable choice when it comes to choosing the best pieces. Although it is an Indian company, they have several branches internationally including Bangladesh. The aristocratic and innovative designs are bound to appall you. Ensuring customer satisfaction, they remain one of the top gold shops in Dhaka. 

7. Gitanjali Jewellers

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Both nationally and internationally, Gitanjali Jewellers is an entrusted brand. Started their journey with wholesale, currently they are one of the main suppliers of excellent quality gold and diamond jewelries. Their services are top-notch and their ornaments are found at an affordable price. 

8. PLC Jewellers

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Keeping in mind the interests of the customers and innovative designs, PLC Jewellers showcases the excellent quality gold jewelry. Consistently they have offered their unparalleled retail experience while taking pride in their high quality gold. The well trained servicemen at the showrooms have extensive knowledge about gold and they provide their valuable insights. 

9. Ripon Store Jewelry

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Unique designs with expert craftsmanship are the two aspects that make the quality of gold jewelries so high at Ripon Store Jewelry. Their journey started in 1984. Because of the familiarity and dexterity, satisfied customers keep coming back to their showrooms. Surely you won’t find their excellent pieces with such fine details somewhere else. 

10. Chowdhury Gold

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Chowdhury Gold

For over 31 years, Chowdhury Gold is a trusted gold jewelry brand where you will find innumerable beautiful designs. Their extremely effective system of production and accuracy, the pieces are bound to be perfect. With the unique aesthetic gold ornament collection, they are keen to add beauty to your special moments and occasions. 

11. Monihar Jewellers

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As a part of their philosophy, Monihar Jewellers are dedicated to providing customers with pieces of high purity, best pricing and other aspects. Their efforts have gone a long way for which their customers keep coming back to purchase gold from them and maintain the trusted relationship. 

12. The Sristi Gold Plated Jewellery

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With their captivating designs and detailed pieces, the Sristi Gold Plated Jewellery offers gorgeous gold jewelries for women. By keeping the standardized quality and customer’s desires in mind, each of the jewelry pieces are unique. 

Purchasing gold is a highly expensive decision so you need to make sure you get the best ones from any of the listed best gold jewelry shops in Dhaka. 


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