The Gopalganj district, which is a component of Dhaka divisions administrative region, is in the southwest of Bangladesh. The district covers an area of roughly 1,468.74 square kilometers and has a population of over 1,172,415 people.

The district’s economy is based mainly on agriculture, with rice farming being the main industry. Jute, vegetables, and a variety of fruits are other products that the region is renowned for producing. Another significant source of income for the local population is the fishing sector in this district.

How to Visit Gopalganj from Dhaka?

The best and easiest way to reach Gopalganj from Dhaka is to use the by road route. The distance of this journey entails around 200 kilometers. Bus services from companies such as Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Tungipara Express, Saintmartin Hyundai (Robi Express), and more can be availed for a smooth travel.

2 Places to visit in Gopalganj

1. Mausoleum of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

The mausoleum of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is one of the most prolific places of interest in Bangladesh. This place preserves the memory of the father of the nation on 38 acres of land dedicated towards the remembrance of the greatest leader of Bangladesh.

2. Orakandi Thakur Bari

The Orakandi Thakur Bari is located in Kashiani of Gopalganj district.

The Orakandi Thakur Bari is located in Kashiani of Gopalganj district. This place is of significant historic importance that exhibits the feudal past of this land. The place used to be home to the Zemindar of Orakandi, and is a historic landmark in the district of Gopalganj today.

2 Foods to try in Gopalganj

1. Date tree Juice

Date tree juice is very popular in Gopalganj, and is highly cherished by the locals. Due to the seasonal nature of date production in the district, this juice can be widely found in winter.

2. Coconut Juice:

In Gopalganj, coconut can be found in abundance and at very affordable prices throughout the year.

2 Places to stay in Gopalganj

1. Hotel Jimmy

Hotel Jimmy is a private hotel located in the powerhouse road of Gopalganj. The place offers good accommodations at very affordable prices with numerous amenities.

2. Hotel Modhumoti

The hotel Modhumoti is a government-run public hotel located in Tungipara of Gopalganj. The place is renowned for providing great hospitality alongside all the necessary modern amenities.

Things to do in Gopalganj

Gopalganj is a district with both national and historic importance. Travelers to this place can venture forth in discovering the numerous landmarks and foods that this district has to offer.


Gopalganj is an important and blissful district within Bangladesh. It definitely is a place for enhancing a traveler’s experience in discovering Bangladesh.


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