Madaripur district is located in central Bangladesh’s Dhaka division. The district has a population of roughly 1,165,952 people and an area of approximately 1,144.96 square kilometers. Faridpur, Shariatpur, Chandpur, and Gopalganj are the districts that encircle Madaripur.

Madaripur distrtict’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, with crops such as paddy, jute, wheat, potato, and vegetables being widely grown in the area. Aside from agriculture, fishing is an important source of revenue for the people of the Madaripur district. The area is also well-known for its indigenous handicrafts, such as silk weaving and bamboo work.

How to Visit Madaripur from Dhaka?

Madaripur is located at a very close proximity to Dhaka. The distance between the two districts is about 130 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Hanif, Sonali Paribahan, Sakura, and more.

3 Places to visit in Madaripur

1. Kalikhola Jomidar Bari

The Kalikhola Jomidar Bari is located in Kalkini Upazila of Madaripur District. It used to be the residence of the Zemindar of Kalikhola and the residence of their descents until 1971. The place preserves a lot of history and culture, and is visited by many people from all over Bangladesh.

2. Shokuni lake

The Shokuni lake is situated in Madripur town of the Madaripur district.

The Shokuni lake is situated in Madripur town of the Madaripur district. Surrounding this lake, the urban Madaripur has been established, with the DC office, police station, and other infrastructure all clustered around this place. This lake is renowned for its clear blue water, and natural scenic beauty.

3. Raja Ram Temple

The Raja Ram temple is a two storied Hindu temple located in Takerhat Upazila of Madaripur. It is a historic Hindu temple built by the Hindu King Raja Ram Roy, after whom the temple gets its name. The terracotta designs, and the overall 17th century Hindu architecture, makes this temple standout.

Foods to try in Madaripur

1. Ilish Misti

Ilish Misti is a milk based sweet that takes its roots from the district of Madaripur. The sweet is made of Kheer (a pudding-based sweet substance), sugar, and Horlicks. The sweet gets its name due to its shape resembling the stomach of an Ilish fish.

Ilish Misti is generally taken on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

2 Places to stay in Madaripur

1. Hotel Bhuiyan Inn

Hotel Bhuiyan is located in H.A.R Badamtala Rd of the Madaripur town. It is a renowned hotel that is known for good hospitality, providing numerous amenities, at affordable rates.

2. Hotel Sarbick International

Hotel Sarbick International is located in College Gate adjacent to the Dhaka- Madaripur Highway. This hotel offers numerous amenities and good customer service.

Things to do in Madaripur

Madaripur has a plethora of things to do. The district is full of exciting activities that allow you to discover yourself and fully engage with its liveliness, from visiting historic landmarks, enjoying picturesque landscapes to experiencing new gastronomical delights.


Madaripur is located adjacent to Dhaka, and can be travelled very easily from the capital. The food, culture, and history of this district contributes heavily to the overall development to the gastronomy, culture, and history of Bangladesh.


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