Magura district is located in the Khulna Division of southwestern Bangladesh. The district has a population of roughly 1,033,115 people and an area of approximately 1,048.61 square kilometers.

Magura’s economy is primarily agricultural, with paddy fields serving as the primary crop. The district is also well-represented in the fishing business. Furthermore, the district is home to a variety of small-scale businesses, such as textile mills and cottage industries. Magura is well-known for its traditional arts and pottery, historical sites, and distinct culture.

How to Visit Magura from Dhaka?

Magura can be visited from Dhaka by road, by train, and even by air via Jessore. The distance between Dhaka and Magura is around 350 kilometers. An individual can avail bus services from companies such as Desh Travels, Saint Martin Express, and more. Moreover, the by train journey from Dhaka to Magura entails around 7 hours and 30 minutes.

In addition to that, it is also possible to reach Magura by air by taking direct flights from Dhaka to Jessore and then covering the remaining distance of approximately 50 kilometers by road.

3 Places to visit in Magura

1. Raja Sitaram Palace

The palace is located in the Mohammadpur upazila of the Magura district.

The Raja Sitaram Palace was the residence and the seat of administration of the 17th century king Sitaram Rajprasad. The palace is located in the Mohammadpur upazila of the Magura district. The place contains forts, lakes, temples, amongst other things. Today the palace lies in ruins, with relics and history of its past inhabitants.

2. Hazrat Pir Mokarram Ali Shah (R:) Dargah

The Hazrat Pir Mokarram Ali Shah (R:) Dargah is located on the Dhaka-Khulna highway, by the river of Navaganga. HAzrat Mokarram Ali Shah (R:) was a spiritual leader and a pupil of the legendary saint Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali (R:). The Dargah contains his tomb amidst green surroundings. The place is of both spiritual and religious importance.

3. Magura Bhater Bhita

The Magura Bhater Bhita is located in the village of Tila, along the northern banks of the river Phatki in the district of Magura. It is estimated that the structure was built around the third century BCE, by the Buddhist worshipers residing in this region, back then. By the passage of time, the place was converted to a mosque, offering prayer grounds, and later a store house for rice.

2 Foods to try in Magura

1. Pera Sandesh

Pera Sandesh is a milk-based sweet that gained rapid popularity because of its sweet, soft, and pleasant taste. The sweet’s introduction is credited to a person called Kalipada Ghosh, about 60 years ago in Magura. Today the sweet is an iconic dessert of the district.

2. Khamarpara Doi

Magura is famous for its Khamarpara Doi. It is a sweet yogurt delicately prepared to produce the best taste. It was first introduced by Chitta Ghosh in the Khamarpara neighborhood, from where the yogurt gets its name.

Places to stay in Magura

1. Hotel Jamuna

Hotel Magura is situated in the Vainar More, Jinaidaho Road in the district of Magura. The hotel is known for providing great hospitality and numerous amenities at very affordable rates.

Things to do in Magura

Magura offers a variety of things to do. Activities for self-discovery and engagement in the district’s vibrancy abound in the area. These activities include exploring historical places, enjoying beautiful surroundings, and attempting new foods.


Magura is an interesting district of the Southern Bangladesh. Its history, food, and culture are a remarkable asset that builds the overall history, culture and gastronomy of the country.


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