Netrokona district is located in Bangladesh’s northern region, part of the Mymensingh division. According to the most recent estimates, the district has an area of around 2,743.64 square kilometers and a population of approximately 2,229,642 people.

Netrokona district borders the Mymensingh district on the west, Kishoreganj district on the south, Garo Hills in Meghalaya, India on the north, and Sunamganj district to the east.

The economy of Netrokona is primarily agricultural, with rice fields and fishing being the principal sources of income for the residents. The district is also recognized for its bamboo and other handcraft products, which help the local economy. Susang Durgapur, an Upazila in Netrokona, is well-known for its production of China-Clay, which is used in ceramic items.

How to Visit Netrokona from Dhaka?

Netrokona can be best visited from Dhaka either by road or by train route. The distance between Dhaka to Netrokona is about 150 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Ena Paribahan, BRTC Bus, and more. The train journey from Dhaka to Netrokona lasts about 4 hours.

3 Places to Visit in Netrokona

1. Birishiri Cultural Academy

Birishiri Cultural Academy is located in Durgapur Upazila, approximately 40 kilometers from Netrokona Sadar. The location was established particularly to preserve, uphold, develop, and encourage the cultural history of smaller ethnic communities. The location is well-known for inspiring and informing visitors about the country’s tribal and ethnic minorities, as well as their history.

2. Ganeshwari River

The Ganeshwari River is situated in Lengura of Kalmakanda upazila in the district of Netrokona, along the Garo hills, bordering India.

The river in this district is an absolute gem, surrounded by towering hills and lush green forests as far as the eye can see. The Garo Hills offer spectacular panoramic views, while the river itself boasts a peaceful and natural beauty that draws in tourists from all over. It’s definitely a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the stunning beauty of nature.

3. China Matir Pahar

China Matir Pahar, popularly known as white mud hill, is a popular tourist destination in Netrokona district's Durgapur Upazila.

China Matir Pahar, popularly known as white mud hill, is a popular tourist destination in Netrokona district’s Durgapur Upazila. It is a prominent tourist attraction in Bangladesh and is mineral-rich. The changing colors of the hilly terrain stimulate the interest of its visitors. The mountain’s white soil can sometimes appear gray or reddish, and its shade varies according to the time of day and the strength of the light.

Foods to try in Netrokona

1. Pillow Sweet

The pillow sweet, also known as the Balish Mishti, is a milk-based sweet in the shape of a pillow. The sweet is distinctive for its size and exceptionally sweet flavor. It is widely available in Netrokona’s sweet shops.

2 Places to stay in Netrokona

1. Hotel Al Nur

Hotel Al Nur is located in Choto Bazar, near Mymensingh – Sunamganj Road in the district of Netrokona. The hotel is known for providing high customer satisfaction through good hospitality and necessary amenities.

2. Shajahan Hotel

The Shahjahan Hotel is located in Teri Bazar, near the Mymensingh – Sunamganj Road in the Netrokona district. The hotel is known for giving its customers a good hospitality experience along with a wide range of amenities and clean rooms.

Things to do in Netrokona

Visitors to Netrokona can participate in a range of activities. From visiting historical monuments to enjoying and watching the region’s amazing natural beauty on a walk or even a trek, or boating over the Ganeshwari river, this district is one of the most intriguing places in the country to explore.


Netrokona is a unique district in the north of the country. Its culture, food, geography, and people make it one of the most distinguishable and interesting districts to visit in Bangladesh.


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