Noakhali district is located in Bangladesh’s south-east, a part of the Chittagong division. It is bounded to the north by the district of Comilla, to the east by the districts of Feni and Chittagong, to the south by the Meghna estuary and the Bay of Bengal, and to the west by the districts of Bhola and Lakshmipur. The district has a population of around 3,108,083 people and an area of approximately 3,685.87 square kilometers.

Noakhali has a diverse economy, with remittances, agriculture, and the service sector all contributing significantly to the district’s GDP. Furthermore, the fishing industry contributes significantly to the regional economy, employing approximately 15%-20% of the labor force every year.

How to Visit Noakhali from Dhaka?

Noakhali can be visited from Dhaka either by road, or by train, and even by air via Chittagong. The distance between Dhaka and Noakhali is about 175 kilometers. One can avail direct bus services such as Himachol Express, Ekushey Express, Lal Sobuj, and more.

2 Places to Visit in Noakhali

1. Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip is a small island located in the Hatiya upazila. It is situated in Bangladesh's Noakhali District.

Nijhum Dwip is a small island located in the Hatiya upazila. It is situated in Bangladesh’s Noakhali District. The Nijhum Dwip was first discovered in the early 1950s when local fishermen noticed it.

Ever since, the island has become a one-of-a-kind eco-tourism spot thanks to its exceptional natural surroundings, diverse range of living species, and unyielding mangrove forest that hosts untamed wildlife including spotted deer, wild boar, fishing cat, and a plethora of others.

In 2019, the adjacent waters were designated as the Nijhum Dwip Marine Protected Area, which contains a variety of aquatic species. Thousands of migrating birds arrive at the island during the winter. As a result of its rich natural composition, this location is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

2. Bajra Shahi Mosque

Bajra Shahi Mosque is an 18th-century mosque in the Bazra Union of Noakhali District’s Sonaimuri Upazila. It is one of the most significant mosques in Noakhali, as well as in the country.

Aman Ullah built the mosque during the reign of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah in 1741-42. Bazra zamindars, Khan Bahadur Ali Ahmad and Khan Bahadur Mujir Uddin Ahmad had it substantially renovated and embellished with mosaics created from colorful ceramic shards between 1911 and 1928.

The mosque has three domes and three doors and is rectangular in design. The mosque is famous among tourists that visit the district because of its religious and historical value.

2 Foods to Try in Noakhali

1. Khalaja Pitha

Kholaja Pitha is a Bengali pitha made of rice flour that originates from the Noakhali district. The pitha is similar to the chitoi pitha and is made from rice flour, eggs, hot water, and salt mixed together to make a delicious paste which is then cooked to make a fluffy pitha.

2. Coconut Nadu

Coconut Naru is made of rice flour, sugar/ molasses, and coconut mixed together in the shape of a ball. They are sweet in taste and have a distinct flavor. This sweet is often taken as a small snack or a dessert and is highly popular in the district of Noakhali.

2 Places to stay in Noakhali

1. Hotel Valentino

Hotel Valentino is located in Boro Masjid Moor, Maijdee Court of the Noakhali Noakhali district. The hotel is known for providing great hospitality, a wide variety of room arrangements, numerous amenities, and more.

2. White Hall Guest House

The White Hall Guest House is located in Godar Mosjid, Main Road, Maijdee, in the district of Noakhali. The hotel provides affordable accommodations with good hospitalities and necessary amenities.

Things to do in Noakhali

The district of Noakhali is full of exciting things to do, from hiking and trekking through the beautiful natural trails to enjoying a relaxing boat ride on the rivers that wind through the area. There’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had in this vibrant region.

Moreover, the historical sites and the unique islands are also great places to learn about the history and culture of this region.


Noakhali is a prominent district in the South of Bangladesh. The history, culture, food, and people of this place make it a unique place to explore and experience for tourists visiting this place.


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