Rajshahi district is situated in northern Bangladesh, which is part of the Rajshahi division. It is located on the banks of the Padma River and is one of the largest districts in the country in terms of land area. With an area of approximately 2,407.01 square kilometers and a whopping population of about 2,595,197 individuals, this district is one of the most densely populated regions of Bangladesh.

Rajshahi’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with farming employing the majority of the population. The district is known for its production of various crops, including rice, wheat, sugarcane, and mangoes. In addition, the district is home to a number of small-scale industries, including jute mills, rice mills, and silk production units.

How to Visit Rajshahi from Dhaka?

Rajshahi can be visited from Dhaka either by train, road or by air. The distance between Dhaka and Rajshahi is about 250 kilometers. One can avail direct bus services from companies such as Akota Transport, Hanif Enterprise, and more. Moreover, the direct train journey from Dhaka to Rajshahi lasts around 6 hours.

4 Places to Visit in Rajshahi

1. The Varendra Museum

The Varendra Museum museum is located less than a kilometer from Rajshahi Zero Point, Rajshahi district.

The Varendra Museum, also known as Varendra Research Museum, is Bangladesh’s oldest museum, having been founded in 1910. The museum is less than a kilometer from Rajshahi Zero Point. This museum is administered by the Rajshahi University.

The Varendra Museum is a remarkable museum that features a diverse range of artifacts, including stone inscriptions from ancient Bengali, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, and Indus Valley civilizations. The museum also showcases sculptured stones from the Muslim period as well as Hindu and Buddhist stone sculptures. Not to mention, there are also modern wood carvings that will surely captivate your eyes. This collection is a must-see for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

2. Dhopkols

Dhopkols are water tanks that were designed to provide clean drinking water to the inhabitants of the Rajshahi district. Built in the early 1900s, these dhopkols used to be life-saving features, supplying pure drinking water throughout the city, but now most of them are just relics, a witness to a bygone era.

Although more advanced alternatives have made it old-fashioned, a few of these contraptions are still present throughout the city, functioning and continuing to generate water.

3. Rajshahi University campus

The main campus of the Rajshahi University is located in Motihar, on the eastern outskirts of Rajshahi, about a mile from the Bangladeshi coast of the Padma River. The campus is roughly 305 hectares in size. Three security gates limit access to the walled-off campus. It is home to eleven large academic structures.

The campus provides a lush and calm environment that is ideal for relieving stress and boredom. From Paris Road to Charukala Road, the tranquil campus provides a location to be absorbed in a quiet atmosphere.

4. Shah Makhdum Majar

Shah Makhdum Majar is located on the banks of the Padma River, less than a kilometer from Rajshahi’s Zero Point.

Hazrat Shah Makhdum’s location is shrouded in an abundance of fascinating myths and legends that will make your visit an exciting and memorable experience. Be prepared to immerse yourself in captivating stories and urban legends that leave you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this extraordinary location.

2 Foods to Try in Rajshahi

1. Puri Burger

Puri burger is a regional variation of the classic burger. Pakora and singara flakes are combined with tomato sauce to make the patty. Finally, this savory potato mixture is wrapped in a Puri. This food item is most commonly found in the New Market area of Rajshahi city.

2. Chhanar polao

Despite its name, chhanar polao is a delicacy made from sweet rice. The dessert is created from soft chhana shaped like basmati rice and cooked as sweet rice. It is a popular dish in the Rajshahi area and can be found in particular at the Noborup store in the city’s Saheb Bazar.

3 Places to Stay in Rajshahi

1. Hotel Dalas International

Hotel Dalas International is located in Bindur More, Rail Gate, Rajshahi. The hotel is known for providing top-class hospitality and numerous amenities such as Television for Each Room, Car Parking, an attached Bath, and more.

2. Hotel Mukta International

Hotel Mukta International is located in Ganakpara, Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and numerous amenities such as room service, attached bath, and more at very affordable rates.

3. Parjatan Motel, Rajshahi

Parjatan Motel, Rajshahi is located in Abdul Mazid Road, Kazihata, Rajshahi (Near the Zoo of Rajshahi). It is a government-run public hotel that is known for providing good hospitality and numerous amenities such as a wide selection of rooms, dining, room service, attached bath and more at very affordable rates.

Things to do in Rajshahi

Rajshahi is a delightful district with many activities to choose from, such as sightseeing, trekking, and discovering historical sites. Several fairs are also hosted in Rajshahi on a regular basis. As a result, there are numerous activities available to visitors traveling through Rajshahi.


Rajshahi is a major district in the north of the country. The district plays an enormous role economically, culturally, and geographically in manifesting the country as a whole. Exploring Rajshahi will only enhance the overall experience of exploring the entirety of Bangladesh as a whole.


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