Rangpur district is located in Bangladesh’s northern region. It is part of the Rangpur Division, which is also named after this district. It has a population of around 3,169,615 people and covers an area of approximately 2,400.56 square kilometers. The district’s economy is primarily centered on agriculture. It is well-known for its enormous rice paddies and thriving fishing sector.

Rangpur is an important agricultural center that contributes significantly to the country’s total food production. Its lush land and mild climate make it excellent for growing a variety of crops like rice, wheat, jute, and sugarcane. Furthermore, the district’s abundance of water bodies, including rivers and lakes, gives ample opportunities for fishing, which contributes to the district’s economic growth.

How to Visit Rangpur from Dhaka?

Rangpur can be visited from Dhaka either by train, by road, or even by air. The Dhaka to Rangpur Road route is about 316 kilometers long. The best way to travel through the road route is to avail bus services from companies such as S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd, Nabil Paribahan, and more. Moreover, the train journey from Dhaka to Rangpur lasts about 8 and a half hours.

3 Places to visit in Rangpur

1. Tajhat Zamindar Bari

Tajhat Zamindar Bari is a historic palace in Tajhat, Rangpur, Bangladesh. Rangpur Museum is now housed in this palace. Maharaja Kumar Gopal Lal Roy erected the palace in the early twentieth century. The palace houses historical artifacts and is built in a Roman-European style. Tajhat Zamindar Bari is one of the most lucrative tourist destinations in Rangpur because of its distinctive and unique features.

2. Laldighi Noy Gambuj Masjid

Laldighi Mosque is a historic mosque in the Badarganj upazila of Rangpur district. The mosque is thought to have been built between the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The mosque was built in Mughal architectural styles and has a rich heritage.

3. Chiklee Water Park, Rangpur

Chiklee Water Park is located on Rangpur district's Honuman Tola Road.

Chiklee Water Park is located on Rangpur’s Honuman Tola Road. It is a beautiful amusement park constructed on the banks of the Chiklee Bill. There are many rides for children, such as the toy train and the nagordola, etc. with more additional rides being built.

There are elegantly designed resting areas all around, as well as artificial mountains and fountains. Moreover, to provide further amenities to its customers, Chiklee Water Park has a big restaurant that serves high-quality meals.

Foods to try in Rangpur

1. Sidol

Sidol is a dish made with dried fish and kachu. It is an absolute favorite of the residents of this region due to its fully unique properties and taste. This meal is commonly served with rice as the main course for either lunch or dinner.

3 Places to Stay in Rangpur

1. Hotel R.D.R.S

Hotel R.D.R.S is an upscale hotel located in Jail Road of the Rangpur district. The hotel has a variety of amenities, including spacious guest rooms, a meeting space, amongst many others. It is a popular option for both business and leisure visitors to the region.

2. Hotel Sha Amanat

The HOTEL SHANGHAI INT. is a renowned privately owned located on Jahaj company Road in the district. The place is well known and appreciated for its great hospitality and a wide range of amenities catered to fulfill customers’ needs.

3. Parjatan Motel

Parjatan Motel is a government-owned rest house that is open to all. The Motel is located on R. K. Mission Road, Rangpur. Due to its great hospitality and an abundance of amenities at an affordable rate, the motel is popular with tourists and visitors seeking accommodations.

Things to do in Rangpur

Rangpur is a vibrant district with many places to visit and new experiences to be had. Rangpur has a variety of activities to offer, ranging from early morning treks to boating on the water bodies.


Rangpur is one of the most popular districts in Northern Bangladesh. The district’s diverse culture, food, and history make it a special place to visit and explore for any traveler.


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