Sylhet is filled with natural blessings of stunning nature, wildlife, and acres of tea gardens. For those who want to escape amid the nature from the suffocating city bustles, the perfect spots are the different eco-friendly resorts near Sylhet. 

If you are planning to enjoy a getaway, look no further. Here is the list of the best resorts near Sylhet. 

1. Shantibari Eco Resort

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Shantibari Eco Resort is one of the Best Resorts Near Sylhet.

To relax among nature, Shanti Bari is the perfect eco-resort. Situated on farmland, this resort is in the middle of the Tea Gardens. The quiet and natural atmosphere with the stunning greenery will enchant you. The resort provides all kinds of facilities and you can even roam in the pineapple garden and lemon grove. There are several options available for the guests, so you can choose the eco-lodges, Kather Dalan or Basher Ghar.

2. Balishira Resort

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To enjoy a lavish and upgraded experience in an eco-friendly resort, Balishira Resort is a fantastic choice. Amid the green hills, you can feel the serenity from your resort room. Both indoor and outdoor suites are available which view the picturesque vistas. The private infinity pools lying in front of the villas are the perfect place to take a dip and relax. 

3. Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

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Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is a five star resort in Sylhet. Popular for its luxurious facilities and amenities, the resort offers gracious hospitality. With more than 135 hotel rooms and suites to choose from, you can enjoy magnificent views from your room. Swimming pool, executive suites, lobby area, business center and other amenities are waiting for you. 

4. DuSai Resort & Spa

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DuSai Resort & Spa welcomes the guests with a range of amenities and beautiful relaxing experience. Equipped with different facilities and art amenities, the resort is the perfect place to relax and enjoy time within the admirable greenery. With the combination of modern design and peaceful environment, the resort provides a balanced outlook right in Sylhet. 

5. Tea Villa Luxury Resort

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For an amazing time right in the heart of Bhairabgonj in Sylhet, you can visit the Tea Villa Resort. Well known for its hospitable service, this resort offers great accommodations and a range of amenities to its guests. Nestled in nature, this luxury resort is the perfect place for a getaway in Sylhet. 

6. Faizabad Hills Tea Resort

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Nestled amid a tea garden, Faizabad Hills Tea Resort is the hilltop resort. It offers stunning views of the garden and you will be surely amazed at the serene beauty of nature. The fully furnished suites with panoramic views of the surrounding wildlife, nature and hill are bound to create unforgettable memories. 

7. The Palace Luxury Resort

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The Palace Luxury Resort

The Palace Luxury Resort is one of the largest resorts in the country. In the heart of the breathtaking pristine nature of Sylhet, this resort offers a unique guest experience. The tranquility of the surroundings and a regal experience in the rooms of the resort are the highlights for which you would want to keep going back to this resort. 

8. Swiss Valley Resort 

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At Swiss Valley Resort, you can not only enjoy the private and modern stay, you can also connect with nature. Different designed cottages are available where the interiors and exteriors are made of wood and bamboo. The lucrative design using the local materials makes this resort eco-friendly while you enjoy all kinds of amenities including pool section, children play zone, gardens and more. 

9. Nazimgarh Garden Resort

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Nazimgarh Garden Resort

Nazimgarh Resorts- two of the most premier hotel and resort destinations of Bangladesh. Two different properties in Sylhet offer places to stay near the tea garden, forest and adventure locations. Built in eco-friendly environments, both the resorts offer more than a retreat- a sanctuary amidst nature. With a multitude of activities, many sights to see and places to visit, Nazimgarh Resorts offer the ultimate destination for the guests who love nature.

10. Lemon Garden Resort 

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If you want to enjoy a wonderful experience in a hillside resort, Lemon Garden Resort is an incredible choice. Right in Lawachara of Sylhet, this unique resort offers friendly and facility filled services. Within an affordable price, the resort offers different kinds of rooms, stunning views and a range of amenities to their guests. 

With amazing hospitality and luxurious settings, you can book your holidays in any of the listed resorts near Sylhet. 


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