In Bangladesh, around 47.42 lakh people, which is 2.4% of the total population, are physically or mentally challenged, based on the surveys done by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). The government and different non-profit organizations have taken many steps to ensure educational and vocational learning systems for the children.

Check out this list of the schools for special children in Bangladesh. 

1. Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC)

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Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children is one of the schools for special children in Bangladesh

Since 2007, Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children is a dedicated special needs school that provides intensive individualized instruction to children with a broad autism spectrum. The school has a system that covers vocational, cognitive, sensory, educational and daily living aspects. The environment is safe and healthy and the teachers and staff are excellent professionals.

2. Proyash

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At Proyash, children with special needs can study in the inclusive English Medium School. Entrusted with care, the school provides a caring and supportive environment for the children to study, be encouraged and remain an active learner. The system supports individuality of each child and their talents. 

3. Bangladesh ABA Center for Autism

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Bangladesh ABA Center for Autism is a great option for children with special needs. The center has trained professionals who are capable of developing a good relationship with the children and make them participate in the curriculum and other activities. 

4. School For Gifted Children (SGC)

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School For Gifted Children (SGC)

With an excellent system designed especially for special needs children, School For Gifted Children (SGC) is a fantastic choice. The training and activities are regulated for exploring the best aspects of the children and encouraging them. Different activities and therapies are provided to keep the children active and participatory. 

5. Tauri Foundation

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Tauri Foundation has become a sustainable center for the development of special children. The center is established in Dhaka and Rajshahi, two major cities of Bangladesh. The services provided by the center focuses on supporting children in both educational and daily activities. 

6. Autistic Children Special School

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Autistic Children Special School provides education and training for autistic children. They hold seminars and sessions for the parents and common people to educate about the challenges faced by autistic children. The Government has complimented and helped the school with its initiatives. 

7. Access Bangladesh Foundation

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Since 2008, Access Bangladesh Foundation has been committed to providing a safe place for dignity, learning and respect for children with disabilities. It is a non-profit government organization that has generously supported the community over the years. They facilitate learning classes, activities and training.

8. Assistance for Blind Children (ABC)

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Assistance for Blind Children (ABC)

Founded in 1978, Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) is a learning center dedicated for blind children. They offer braille learning systems, eye treatment for the unprivileged, run hostels for the visually impaired children and more. Their motto is inclusive for the children. 

9. Special Care Foundation (SCF)

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Founded in 2015, Special Care Foundation (SCF) is a special care center for children with special needs. Their welcoming environment and center equipped with modern facilities ensure a safe learning environment for children. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Neuro- Developmental Disorders are welcomed here. 

10. Bangladesh Organization for Disabled Advancement (BODA)

Call: 028054832 

Located in Mirpur, Bangladesh Organization for Disabled Advancement (BODA) is a reliable center for children with special needs. Their curriculum includes training, learning activities and fun exercises for the children with disabilities. They have professionals and high standard equipment for the comfort of the children. 

The schools for special children in Bangladesh are commendable for their work and activities. We all should try our best to acknowledge their contribution and help in any means possible. 


Maimuna Alam is an enthusiastic content writer at Prothom Tech who is passionate about education, health and recreational topics. With being a full time reader and part time leader, she brings in dedication and passion to become a better storyteller.

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