Every year, thousands and thousands of Bangladeshi students go abroad for undergraduate or higher education programs all over the world. The best place to look for guidance, information and navigate through the complex process is the student consultancy firms. In these firms, they try to find the best way to get scholarships or acceptance from foreign universities. 

If you want to navigate your way abroad, check out this list of the best student consultancy firms in Bangladesh. 

1. Sunrise Education Consultants

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Sunrise Education Consultants is one of the student consultancy firms in Bangladesh.

Sunrise Education Consultants is a trusted name when it comes to student consultation. For over 8 years, they have been providing educational consultancy services to support students to start their career or higher education abroad. From the first step to the last, they ensure the students are able to go through the complex visa, or admission processes. 

2. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd

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Global Immigration Consultants Ltd is one of the leading immigration consultants in our country. They provide support for student visas, medical tourism, immigration, and tourist visas. For students wanting to go to Australia, UK, Thailand and Singapore, this firm is a notable choice as many trust its experience and proper guidance. 

3. IDP Education Dhaka

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As a global leader in international education related services, IDP Education Dhaka is a great option for students who aim to go study in English speaking countries. Started in 1969, this firm has successfully helped many students to pursue their career and higher education abroad. 

4. AHZ Associates

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AHZ Associates

Being a proud representative of higher education institutes based in the United Kingdom, AHZ Associates is a committed consultancy firm. They have several branches across the globe, and they have received recognition from many countries. Since 2015, the firm has enabled the students to go to the UK for higher studies. 

5.  BSB Global Network

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BSB Global Network believes that education is a great investment for the country. So they are committed to enable thousands of students every year to go abroad and study higher education. From student free counseling sessions to assistance in visa application, this firm helps throughout the process. 

6. Educare Education Consultants

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EduCare BD aims to provide the easiest and quickest way for students to go abroad for studying. Their guidance starts from helping the students apply for the desired universities in different countries to guiding them with the visa processing. You can rely on them because they have years of experience sending students abroad. 

7. HBD Services Bangladesh

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Providing professional services to thousands of students every year, HBD Services Bangladesh is a reliable option for those who want to study in Australia. As they are registered with MARA, the team of the term helps greatly during the visa process and guides through accurate assessments. 

8. Sustainable Migration Solutions

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With an alarming increase in students applying for higher education abroad, Sustainable Migration Solutions has become an active firm to enable students to make it through easily. If you want to study in Canada, then this firm is one of the best choices. They provide immigration services as well. 

9. PFEC Global

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PFEC Global

For efficient guidance, PFEC Global is a reliable choice. Without any complexity, you can manage to go abroad to study or work. Their mission is to support the students by providing them guidance and confidence to qualify abroad. Enabling them to construct an impressive application or professional career, this consultancy helps wholly. 

10. Career Paths

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Career Paths is a dedicated service provider to the students of Bangladesh. Established in 2007, this firm facilitates students to build a clear path to study or work abroad. They provide guidance not only for academics but also for career goals abroad. 

11. PEC- Education

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PEC- Education believes in ensuring a smooth application process for its students. They offer free consultancy, guidance and assistance to the students who want to study abroad.

The firm provides all the necessary information to the students and their guidance. They help students to apply for Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden. Norway and many other universities across the world. 

12. ABEC

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ABEC is committed to ensure a transparent and easily accessible process for students who aim to go abroad. Starting from helping with information gathering about universities, to enabling students to get the visa processing done easily, the firm helps throughout the process. 

13. N&N International Education Consultancy Ltd

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N&N International Education Consultancy Ltd

N&N International Education Consultancy Ltd supports students to make such university applications that are accepted and even have chances to receive scholarships. The firm has experience with great reliable service for its students. 

Going to study abroad can be quite scary to think about by yourself. You can rely on any of the listed student consultancy firms in Bangladesh. 


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