Gulshan, the upscale neighborhood in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse culinary landscape. Among the plethora of dining options, buffet restaurants in Gulshan stand out for their lavish spreads and exquisite flavors. Here’s a curated list of the top 12 buffet restaurants in Gulshan, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

1. Beyond Buffet (Gulshan)

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Buffet Restaurants in Gulshan

Located on the bustling Gulshan Avenue, Beyond Buffet presents a lavish culinary experience with a sumptuous spread featuring over 100 items from a variety of world cuisines. With a price tag of only Tk 1499, this restaurant guarantees its guests an extraordinary gastronomic journey that surpasses expectations, providing an exquisite dining experience that caters to the tastes of discerning food lovers.

2. Abacus The Cafe & Restaurant

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Situated in the prime location of Gulshan Avenue, the restaurant Abacus presents an alluring buffet selection that includes a wide range of dishes from various global cuisines. They have set the starting price at Tk 1500, ensuring that guests can enjoy a delightful and satisfying culinary experience without breaking the bank. This enticing offer promises to cater to the tastes of diverse diners, making it an ideal spot for food enthusiasts looking to explore flavors from around the world.

3. The Cafe Rio (Gulshan – 1)

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Tucked away on the bustling Gulshan Avenue, The Cafe Rio presents an impressive grand buffet that features an extensive selection of over 115 items, encompassing a variety of international dishes to cater to a range of palates. With a reasonable price tag of only Tk 1299, this dining establishment promises a memorable and fulfilling experience for all food lovers and culinary adventurers.

4. The Buffet Stories Gulshan

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Situated in the upscale area of Gulshan-2, The Buffet Stories Gulshan offers a luxurious dining experience with an extensive variety of over 120 culinary delights spanning multiple cuisines. With a price tag of Tk 1300, the establishment ensures that patrons will have a memorable gastronomic adventure as they indulge in its vast array of flavorful dishes.

5. Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Dhaka

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Located in the heart of Gulshan-2, The Westin Dhaka provides a lavish buffet dining experience, where each person can indulge in a wide variety of gourmet dishes for a price of BDT 9,990. This luxury offering allows guests to enjoy an exquisite selection of cuisine in an opulent setting, highlighting the hotel’s commitment to exceptional hospitality and remarkable culinary craftsmanship. With buy one, get three and B1G1 offers available, it provides a luxurious dining experience for discerning guests.

6. Flambe′ Restaurant

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Nestled in the upscale area of Gulshan-2, Flambe′ Restaurant captivates its guests by offering a lavish buffet selection, which is competitively priced at only BDT 3,990 Net for each diner. Beneficially, it also provides an enticing Buy One, Get One (B1G1) deal, making sure that patrons can enjoy a delightful dining experience while savoring an array of exquisite flavors without breaking the bank.

7. Grand Buffet Restaurant

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Grand Buffet Restaurant presents its guests with an extensive variety of over 101 dishes, spanning multiple cuisines, ensuring a delightful and fulfilling dining experience. With a fixed price of only Tk 1350, diners are promised an unmatched culinary journey, where they can indulge in a range of flavors and dishes that cater to a wide array of taste preferences.

8. Garlic ‘n Ginger – Gulshan

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Nestled on Gulshan Avenue, Garlic ‘n Ginger prides itself on presenting an opulent buffet that boasts an array of over 100 delicacies drawn from a variety of culinary traditions. With a tempting price tag of Tk 1699, the restaurant pledges to deliver a truly sumptuous dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds of its patrons.

9. Aylanto

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Located in the heart of Gulshan-1, the restaurant Aylanto offers a delightful buffet that includes a wide variety of dishes spanning numerous global cuisines, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate. With the buffet priced at only Tk 1699, diners are guaranteed a dining experience that is not only memorable but also filled with a fusion of elegance and extraordinary flavors.

10. Sky Pool at Six Seasons Hotel

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Located in the prime area of Gulshan-2, the Sky Pool at Six Seasons Hotel presents a delightful buffet experience complemented by enticing buy one, get one free offers. Boasting a picturesque ambiance that captivates guests, along with a wide array of diverse cuisines, it ensures a soothing and relaxing dining experience. This unique combination of scenic beauty, culinary diversity, and splendid offers makes it a prime destination for anyone looking to enjoy a memorable meal.

11. Terra Bistro

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Terra Bistro invites customers to indulge in an upscale dining experience with their sumptuous buffet priced at Tk 3900. They also sweeten the deal by providing tempting buy one, get one free offers, promising a sophisticated culinary adventure that tantalizes the taste buds with a variety of flavorful dishes.

12. Sajna Restaurant

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Sajna Restaurant provides an extensive buffet selection featuring an array of assorted dishes, all available at a price of TK. 1640. The restaurant boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for guests looking to indulge in a variety of tasteful culinary creations. Visitors can look forward to enjoying a pleasant and satisfying meal experience, underscored by the restaurant’s commitment to flavor and hospitality.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving an indulgent meal, Gulshan’s buffet restaurants cater to every preference and budget. From lavish spreads to affordable options, these dining establishments ensure a gastronomic journey like no other. So, gather your friends and family, and embark on a culinary adventure through Gulshan’s vibrant buffet scene.


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