Satkhira district is a district in the Khulna division of southwestern Bangladesh. It has a population of roughly 2,196,581 people and an area of approximately 3,817.29 square kilometers. Agriculture dominates the district’s economy, with a special emphasis on paddy fields and fishing.

Satkhira is known for its lush green landscapes and massive rice farming, and it contributes significantly to the country’s agricultural output. The abundance of water sources in the region, including rivers and streams, provides enough opportunity for fishing activities, which helps to boost the local economy.

Satkhira district is notable in Bangladesh due to its strategic position and agricultural prominence.

How to Visit Satkhira from Dhaka?

Satkhira can be visited from Dhaka by road, by train, and even by air via Jessore Airport. The distance between Dhaka and Satkhira is around 335 kilometers. An individual can avail bus services from companies such as Tungipara Express, Hanif Enterprise, and more for direct Dhaka to Satkhira bus services. Moreover, the train journey from the two districts lasts around 11 hours.

3 Places to visit in Satkhira

1. Mandarbaria Beach

Mandarbaria Beach is a beach in Bangladesh’s Satkhira District’s Shyamnagar Upazila. It is a 17-kilometer-long beach beside the same-named forest. The Hariabhanga River’s banks can be viewed from the shore. At one end of the beach is the Sundarbans mangrove forest. It is a part of the Sundarbans, which encompasses a great deal of natural beauty and biodiversity to see and experience.

2. Jashoreeshwari Kali Temple

The Jashoreeshwari Kali temple is located in the village of Eshwaripur in the Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district. For Hindus, it is a religiously significant place of pilgrimage.

It is an ancient temple that predates the Sena dynasty’s control of Laksman Sen in the 13th century. This temple is surrounded by several stories, legends, and secrets, making it one of the most intriguing tourist destinations in Satkhira.

3. Tetuliya Jame Mosque

Tetulia Jame Masjid is located in Tala Upazila, Satkhira district

Tetulia Jame Masjid is located in Tala Upazila, Satkhira district. It is an old mosque from the 18th century built in the Mughal style. The mosque was founded by Khan Bahadur Maulvi Qazi Salamatullah Khan, a member of the Tetuli Zamindar Qazi dynasty.

It is a six-domed mosque with numerous inscriptions, designs, and architecture that recalls the Mughal era in Bengal. Tetulia Jame Masjid is a popular tourist destination in the district due to its historical and religious significance.

Foods to try in Satkhira

1. Pera Sandesh

Because of its sweet, smooth, and pleasant flavor, Pera Sandesh is the most popular milk-based sweet in Satkhira district. This sweet can be found in abundance throughout the district’s sweet shops and is frequently enjoyed during joyful events such as birthdays, Eid, and so on.

2 Places to Stay in Satkhira

1. Tiger Point Guest House

Tiger Point Guest House is a renowned guest house in the district of Satkhira. The place is known for providing a wide range of room selections, customer-centric amenities, and a great hospitality experience. It is located in Shyamnagar of Satkhira.

2. Sundarbans Hotel

The Sundarbans Hotel is a renowned private hotel that is known for providing great hospitality at affordable prices. It is located in Nakipur Bus Stand, Shyamnagar in the district of Satkhira.

Things to do in Satkhira

The Satkhira district is a hub of various outdoor activities that cater to nature enthusiasts. You can indulge in an adventurous hiking and trekking experience on the trails that encircle the breathtaking natural surroundings surrounding the area. The museums and historical sites of significance are also interesting places to learn about the history and culture of this region.

Additionally, exploring the rivers that run through the district with a boating excursion is an excellent way to diversify your experience here.


Satkhira is a beautiful district in Southwestern Bangladesh. Its unique geography and culture make it especially stand out and an exciting place to visit and explore for any traveler.


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