Located in the northwestern region of Bangladesh, the Chapai Nawabganj District is a northern district in the Division of Rajshahi. The district encompasses an area of around 1,703 square kilometers, with a population of 1,647,521 people.

Chapai Nawabganj is one of the most fertile districts in the country, with the population being heavily dependent on agriculture. The district is also known as the mango capital of the world.

How to Visit Chapai Nawabganj from Dhaka?

Chapai Nawabganj can be travelled from Dhaka either by road, by train, and even by air. If you plan on traveling from Dhaka to Chapai Nawabganj, you have two options: driving the entire 300-kilometer distance or taking a direct bus service provided by companies such as Akota Transport and Hanif Enterprise. Either way, you’ll be able to reach your destination with ease.

Moreover, apart from the by road route, train routes can also be availed from Dhaka to Amnura, and then travel less than 15 kilometers by taxi to Chapai Nawabganj. In addition, you can opt for air travel by booking a flight from Dhaka to Rajshahi, and then taking a taxi the rest of the way to Chapai Nawabganj. This could be a comfortable and convenient means of transportation for your trip.

5 Places to visit in Chapai Nawabganj

1. Choto Sona Masjid

The Choto Sona Masjid is a place of historical and religious importance in the history of Bangladesh. Built in the late 15th century by Mansoor Wali Muhammad bin Ali in the Sultani architecture during the sultanate periods, the place is a popular attraction among its visitors.

2. Buba Daing

Babu Daing Picnic Site is situated at Jhelim Union in a hilly, picturesque forest area, 10 kilometers from Chapai Nawabganj district. The place preserves a variety of birds and several soothing waterfalls throughout this forest, alongside numerous known and unknown species of flora and fauna. The mesmerizing natural beauty of the place surely makes it a prime tourist destination.

3. Darasbari Mosque

Darasbari is an incredibly popular tourist destination located in the Chapai Nawabganj district. It dates back to the 15th century when it was constructed during the reign of Sultan Shamsuddin Yusuf. The place was called Ferozepur Mosque previously. The mosque is built in the architectural styles of the Sultanate period, preserving a large part of Bengali history.

4. Three Dome Mosques

The Three Dome Mosques is one of the oldest mosques built in the Mughal architectural styles. The mosque is located in Ferozepur in Shahbazpur Union of Shivganj Upazila in Champainawganj district. The place is of astounding historical importance.

5. Alpona Village Tikoil

Alpona Village, also known as Tikoil village, is a small village in the Nachol Upazila in the Chapai Nawabganj district.

Alpona Village, also known as Tikoil village, is a small village in the Nachol Upazila in the district of Chapai Nawabganj. Every wall in this village is an open canvas, an art exhibition in live display.

These Alpanas are usually drawn and maintained by Housewives and girls of the village. The earthen walls of the village are painted with cotton scratches, and other traditional and basic materials, expressing the emotions and aesthetics of the inhabitants. These Alpanas give Tikopl village its alternative name, Alpona village.

2 Foods to try in Chapai Nawabganj

1. Kalai Ruti

Kalai Ruti is a special type of local bread made on an earthen pan. The bread is complemented with numerous vegetable mixes, pickles, spices, onions, chilies, and other condiments. A specialty about this bread, aside from its taste is that the bread can last for 3 or 4 days, moist, and unspoiled.

2. Adi Chamcham

Adi Chamcham is a prolific sweet of Chapai Nawabganj district. It is a milk and sugar based sweet that has its traces to the times of the early medieval periods. It is a historic dish that represents the legacy, culture, and history of Chapai Nawabganj and the North Bengal.

2 Places to stay in Chapai Nawabganj

1. Sky View Inn

The hotel Sky View Inn is a 3-star hotel situated in Kathal Bagicha, Boro-Indara More of Chapai Nawabganj. It is a European styled hotel at a prime location in the district, making it accessible to the rest of the district at ease. The hotel provides all the modern amenities expected and a wonderful hospitality experience.

2. Motel Sonamosjid

Motel Sonamasjid is a government-run public motel situated at Sonamosjid, Shibgonj, Chapai Nawabganj. The place offers serene accommodation with amenities such as Free Wi-Fi, room service, restaurants, air conditioning, and more. The hotel offers numerous types of rooms, and their services at highly affordable rates.

Things to do in Chapai Nawabganj

Chapai Nawabganj District is a fascinating and exceptional destination that provides tourists with a plethora of activities to engage in. Some of the highlights include delving into historical monuments and exhibits, admiring the vibrant fruit markets, immersing oneself in local customs, and much more. With so much to explore, visitors are sure to have an eventful and memorable trip.


Chapai Nawabganj is an important district in the north of Bangladesh in terms of its ancient history, culture, food, and so many other things. It is a place where a tourist can immerse oneself to experience the true Bangladesh.


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