Dinajpur district is located in northern Bangladesh in the division of Rangpur. The district encompasses an area of around 3,444.30 square kilometers and a population of about 2,990,128 people. The district mainly has an agriculture-based economy famous for its paddy fields and fishing.

How to Visit Dinajpur from Dhaka?

Dinajpur district can be directly travelled from Dhaka, either by road or by train, and even by air. The by road route is around 350 kilometers long. One can avail direct bus services from companies such as Nabil Paribahan, S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd., Hanif Enterprise, and more. Moreover, a direct train route also exists between Dhaka and Dinajpur which entails a journey of around 8 hours.

Furthermore, a flight route can also be taken from Dhaka to Dinajpur by taking direct flights from Dhaka to Saidpur, and then onwards travelling to Dinajpur from Saidpur in a journey of about 40 kilometers.

4 Places to visit in Dinajpur

1. Kantajew Temple

Dinajpur district's Kantajew Temple is a late-medieval Hindu temple.

Dinajpur district’s Kantajew Temple is a late-medieval Hindu temple. The Kantajew Temple is an 18th-century religious structure. This temple honors Krishna and his wife Rukmini. It is a prime example of terracotta architecture in Bangladesh, with significant historical and cultural importance.

2. Ramsagar National Park

Ramsagar National Park is built on 27.76 hectares of land around a large water reservoir known as “Ramsagar tank” which was built in the 18th century by Raja Ram Nath. The place holds picturesque scenes and significant historic importance.

3. Nayabad Mosque

The Nayabaad Mosque is in Nayabad village, Kaharole Upazila, Dinajpur District. It was constructed during the reign of Mughal ruler Shah Alam II in the late 18th century. In every aspect of its construction, the mosque glorifies and represents Bengali Muslim architecture.

4. Dinajpur Rajbari

The Dinajpur Rajbari is an old palace with significant historical importance. This palace represents Dinajpur symbolically tracing its historic roots back to the rule of medieval kingdoms in Bengal.

2 Foods to try in Dinajpur

1. Ak takar Shingara

Ak takar Shingara is a unique street food in Dinajpur that has for decades remained the same price of 1 TK. It is a small triangular or half-moon shaped dish with a savory filling of spiced potato, garlic, and vegetables. It is one of the most popular dishes of Dinajpur and must be tried.

2. Lichi

Dinajpur is famous for its litchi production. The sweet fruit is unique for its taste and beautiful red exterior. One must definitely try the Litchi native to Dinajpur, when in this district.

2 Places to stay in Dinajpur

1. Bangladesh Parjatan Motel Dinajpur

Bangladesh Parjatan Motel Dinajpur is a government-run public guest house that is open to all. It is located in Housing More of Dinajpur district. The place is known for providing great hospitality and amenities at affordable rates.

2. Hotel Happy Tree

Hotel Happy Tree is a renowned private hotel in Dinajpur. It is located in Mohila College Road of Dinajpur district. The hotel is known for providing great hospitality and services.

Things to do in Dinajpur

Dinajpur is a district that is rich with food, architecture, and history. One can surely go exploring this city and its numerous offerings on a hike, while discovering new food and the local culture on the go.


Visiting Dinajpur will enrich an individual’s knowledge and perception about Bangladesh. It’s history, cuisine, and culture are destined to enthrall one’s experience of discovering Bangladesh.


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