With the rapid economic growth experienced by Bangladesh. Startups and businesses are opening up and growing at a rapid rate. In order to bring productivity and cut down on office expenses for these startups and businesses, coworking spaces in Dhaka have been nothing short of a blessing.

Coworking spaces offer arrangements in which workers for different companies share a single office space. Modern coworking spaces offer state-of-the-art services and amenities that boost the support necessitated by their customers to attain success.

This article elaborates on the top coworking spaces in Dhaka.

1. HubDhaka

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HubDhaka offers one of the best coworking spaces in Dhaka.

HubDhaka is one of the best coworking spaces in Dhaka, located in Mirpur. Their services are provided through membership. As of now, they offer two membership plans, premium and basic at the prices of 9000 BDT and 5000 BDT respectively, catering to both ambitious professionals and startups at a budget to find an office suitable for them.

2. Moar

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Moar is one of the leading companies that provides coworking spaces in Dhaka. Moar offers everything essential to boosting productivity and efficiency ranging from uninterrupted internet to constant electricity, printing services, and more. Currently, they offer coworking spaces in Banani, Gulshan Link Road, and Dhanmondi 27 of Dhaka.

3. CoSpace Dhaka

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Established in 2019, CoSpace offers fully furnished office spaces in Dhaka. Their clients include small startups, individuals, small teams, and more. The amenities provided in their offices include high-speed internet, central AC, reception, cafeteria, shared meeting room, and more. At present, they have 3 coworking spaces throughout Banani. 

4. Regus

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Regus is an international coworking space provider operating in Bangladesh. The company provides all the essential amenities required to run an office, ranging from furniture to high-speed internet, an on-site support team, and more. The company offers custom offices and serviced offices, customized to client needs. 

At present, they operate two coworking spaces in Dhaka, one in Gulshan 2 and the other at Panthapath.

5. The Business Center

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The Business Center offers one of the greenest and most ambient coworking spaces in Dhaka. The company offers numerous service plans ranging from private workstations, conference rooms, manager suites, executive suites, and more. Their services also come with necessary office amenities such as high-speed internet, printing facilities, reception, and more. 

The Business Center is located in Gulshan-1 of Dhaka.

6. CoLab Dhaka

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CoLab is one of the most popular coworking spaces and shared offices in Bangladesh. It is located in Baridhara of Dhaka. The company offers services ranging from private offices, dedicated desks, hot desk/ open plan seating alongside amenities such as high-speed WIFI, air conditioning, standing desks, and more.

7. Bonik Co-working

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Located in Merul Badda of Dhaka, Bonik Co-working offers one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Dhaka. The company offers numerous packages customized towards a diverse range of clients along with all necessary amenities required to conduct office smoothly. 

8. JMC Shared Office

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Established in 2017, Japan Marketing and Consultancy (JMC) is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process support company that offers coworking spaces in Dhaka. They provide services not only by offering coworking space but also offering such as marketing support, legal, accounting support, and more. 

9. Shuru Campus

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Shuru Campus is a shared coworking space located in Banani, Dhaka. The coworking space offers silent rooms, meeting rooms, high-speed WIFI, and more. They offer 5 types of packages catered towards different types of clients. 

10. Akota Coworking

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Akota Coworking is a renowned coworking space located on Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka. Their services include free WIFI, all modern office amenities, tailor-made membership plans, all-inclusive utilities, and more. 

11. Locus

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Locus is one of the prominent coworking spaces in Dhaka. They offer a one-stop solution for all office needs at affordable rates and with the best amenities. 

12. InHouse

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Located in Dhanmondi, inHouse is one of the leading coworking spaces located in Dhaka. The company not only provides coworking space but also provides library services, consultancy, mentoring, and more. It is designed to bring out innovation and creativity in young entrepreneurs growing their businesses. 

13. Profficio

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Profficio is a prominent coworking space in Dhaka, located in Mohakhali. They offer 4 types of plans at affordable prices in different ranges. The coworking space comes with amenities such as high-speed internet, a conference room, printing services, and more.

The aforementioned coworking spaces house hundreds of startups that are constantly engaged in growing our economies, and moving the country forward.


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