Meherpur district is located in Bangladesh’s southwest that is part of Khulna’s Division. According to the census taken in 2022, the district has a total area of around 716.08 square kilometers and a population of about 705,356.

The districts of Chuadanga and Kushtia border the district to the East, and West Bengal of India to the west. The bulk of the population works in agriculture, including farming, fishing, and commerce, which is the district’s main economic sector.

How to Visit Meherpur from Dhaka?

Meherpur can be best visited from Dhaka either by road or by train. The road distance between Dhaka to Meherpur is around 260 kilometers. An individual can avail bus services from companies such as Shyamoli NR Travels, Super Sony, and more. Moreover, the train journey from Dhaka to Meherpur lasts around 6 hours.

3 Places to visit in Meherpur

1. Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex

Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex is located in Mujibnagar Upazila of the Meherpur district.

Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex is located in Mujibnagar Upazila of the Meherpur district. The complex is a testament to the memory of the liberation war of Bangladesh. It has a mural commemorating the events of the Liberation War.

The Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex houses a vast collection of statues and portraits that portray the various events and activities that led up to the liberation war. It’s truly a remarkable sight to behold!

This place preserves the deep memories of the pursuit of freedom of this country by its countrymen.

2. Siddheswari Kali Temple

The Siddheswari Kali Temple is located in the Boro Bazar in the Meherpur district. It is an integral and historic temple in the district of Meherpur, attracting thousands of worshipers every year, performing numerous rituals and prayers. The temple is designed in a pre-Islamic Hindu architectural style.

3. Amdah Village Archaeological Site

The Amdah Village Archaeological Site is located 4 kilometers east of Meherpur. The town serves as an archaeological site for the remnants of a vibrant city that existed in this place hundreds of years ago. Visitors from all over the country flock to this location in large numbers, throughout the year.

2 Foods to try in Meherpur

1. Sabitri Mishti

Savitri is a traditional sweet of Meherpur district. It is a milk-based sweet that traces back its origins to the late 19th century, being invented by Vasudev Saha. The exquisite and long-lasting sweet taste of this delicacy, makes it one of the unique sweets in Bangladesh.

2. Rosh Kodom

The Rosh Kodom is a relatively dry milk based sweet made from Sugar, Chana, Khir, Juice grain, and other ingredients. This sweet is of utmost popularity in the district of Meherpur.

2 Places to stay in Meherpur

1. Hotel Ezaz Plaza

Hotel Ezaz Plaza is located near the Chuadanga – Meherpur Highway in the district of Meherpur. The hotel is renowned for providing great hospitality and numerous amenities at affordable costs.

2. Fin Tower and Residential Hotel

Fin Tower and Residential Hotel is located near the Chuadanga – Meherpur Highway in the district of Meherpur. This hotel is known for its diverse room options, hospitality and customer-friendly staff.

Things to do in Meherpur

Meherpur has a variety of activities for its visitors. Whether you enjoy exploring historical landmarks or taking in breathtaking views of nature on a leisurely stroll or a challenging hike, this district is an absolutely fascinating destination to visit.

With its combination of rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, it is one of the most compelling locales in the entire country!


Meherpur is a historically important district in the context of the modern Bangladesh. The country took its shape by the formation of the numerous organs of governance within this district in smaller scales. Thus, visiting this district would help travelers unravel a lot of history, national pride, and culture of the entire country as a whole.


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