Cox’s Bazar district is a coastal district located in the South East of Bangladesh in the division of Chittagong. The district encompasses an area of 2,491.85 square kilometers and entails a population of around 2,289,990 people. The district was previously known as Palongkee. It is a unique fishing port with the largest sea beach in the world, and one of the biggest tourism hubs of the country.

How to Visit Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka?

Cox’s Bazar can be visited from Dhaka directly either by road or by air routes. The by road distance from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is about 390km, to take this route direct bus services from companies such as Green Line Paribahan, Saintmartin Travels, Hanif Enterprise, and more.

Moreover, there also exist direct flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar operated by airlines such as Air Astra, Novo Air, Biman Bangladesh, and US-Bangladesh Airlines. Furthermore, there also remains an indirect train route from Dhaka to Chittagong by train and then to Cox’s Bazar, either on taxi or any by road transportation.

7 Places to visit in Cox’s Bazar

1. Saint Martin

Situated within the Cox's Bazar District, Saint Martin is the southernmost part of Bangladesh, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Situated within the Cox’s Bazar district, Saint Martin is the southernmost part of Bangladesh, located in the Bay of Bengal. The island is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country with millions of people visiting the place in awe of its stunning flora, fauna, and overall biodiversity, coupled with the stunning views of the Bay of Bengal.

2. Inani Beach

Inani Beach is the most popular sea beach in Bangladesh. A visit to Cox’s Bazar is considered incomplete unless this place is visited. Tourists, business, vendors, and everyone else flock together to this place to bask under the sun and enjoy the nature.

3. Himchori Waterfall & Hill Track

The Himchori Waterfall is the only cold-water waterfall in the country located 12km away from Cox’s Bazar city. It is located in a town of the same name situated at the edge of hilly terrains. It is a favorite place for millions of tourists that visit this place, providing them with a unique escape from the monotony of everyday life.

4. Dulahazra Safari Park

The Dulahazra Safari Park is situated in Cox’s Bazar’s Chakaria Upazila, 43 kilometers away from the district’s main city. This location primarily serves as an eco-park for study and the conservation of wild animals in their natural habitats. The primary attraction of this location includes Bengal tigers, bears, spotted deer, and more.

5. Burmese Market

The Burmese market is an attractive local shopping spot in Cox’s Bazar. The place offers a myriad of items ranging from local food of Burmese heritage, local utensils, local apparels and footwears, jewelries made from marine species such as oysters and clams, and many other items.

The Burmese market provides an in-depth insight into the daily lifestyle of the locals of Cox’s Bazar.

6. Moheshkhali Island

The Moheshkhali island provides stunning views of scenic and soothing sandy beaches, and perfect observation of sunsets and sunrise. Moreover, the island contains Buddhist temples and Pagodas which provides a detailed inspection into the historic culture of the place.

7. Ramu

Ramu is a village situated 16 kilometers away from the Cox’s Bazar city. The place is renowned for its Buddhist temples and pagodas, particularly for its 13-foot-high golden Buddha statue. The locals of Ramu are highly skilled artisans who produce and sell handicrafts to the visitors of the place.

5 Foods to try in Cox’s Bazar

1. Fried Rupchanda

The fried Rupchanda is a popular seafood delicacy in Cox’s Bazar. It is sold mostly bought and sold in the fish restaurant stalls alongside the sea beaches. Freshly cooked Rupchanda from the Bay of Bengal is fried with different herbs and spices to make a perfect item to go with rice or salad.

2. Loitta Fry

The Loitta fry is another popular seafood item sold in Cox’s Bazar’s seaside fish restaurant stalls. Compared to other places in the country, freshly caught loitta fishes are sold at a much more affordable rate. These fish are marinated and cooked to go alongside rice or salad to make for a perfect seafood dish.

3. Spicy Crab

The spicy crab is a unique and popular delicacy that is found in Cox’s Bazar. Being one of the few regions of the country with access to the sea, salt water crabs are found in abundance in Cox’s Bazar, which are then marinated with different spices and condiments, and then cooked and served with side dishes to satisfy the palates of its admirers.

4. Ilish Paturi

The Ilish Paturi is a unique dish served in the Cox’s Bazar. It is prepared by mixing the Hilsha fish with mustard and other spices in marination. In the last stage, the dish is served by being wrapped in a banana leaf. It is a local favorite in Cox’s Bazar, and a must try.

5. Assorted Bhortas

Cox’s Bazar is renowned for its different seafood bhartas, unlike the vegetable based bhortas in the other districts of Bangladesh. Bhartas like the churi fish bhorta, loitta shutki bhortas and more are of immense popularity.

5 Places to stay in Cox’s Bazar

1. Sayeman Beach Resort

The Sayeman beach resort is an iconic luxury hotel in Cox’s Bazar located in Marine Drive, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar. The hotel oversees the stunning sandy beaches of the Cox’s Bazar sea beach and offers all imaginable amenities and activities that are to be provided at a high-end hotel.

2. Army Welfare Trust Rest House Joltarongo

Army Welfare Trust Rest House Joltarongo is located near the Laboni Beach of Cox’s Bazar. The hotel is run by the Bangladesh Army and is considered to be one of the most secured and safe hotels in the area, whilst providing all modern amenities required with great hospitality.

3. Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Cox’s Bazar

Sea Pearl Cox’s Bazar Beach Resort & Spa is situated on Inani Beach in Cox’s Bazar. The resort offers spectacular views of the Bay of Bengal, with beautiful green hills ascending to the east and an unending coastline to the west.

The resort offers opulent rooms and suites, two swimming pools, one of which is only for women, as well as a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for both adults and children, including an internationally acclaimed water park, tennis and badminton courts, a 3D movie theater, billiards, an amphitheater, an exquisite spa, and a well-equipped gym.

4. Seagull Hotels Ltd.

The Seagull hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel situated on the Soghundha Point, Hotel Motel Zone in Cox’s Bazar. It is an exquisite hotel overlooking the majestic hilly terrain and the sea beaches, which are only 25 yards away from the hotel. The hotel houses 181 guest rooms with all modern amenities and world class hospitality.

5. Mermaid Beach Resort

The Mermaid Beach Resort is located just a 20 minutes’ drive away from the Cox’s Bazar airport. The resort is located on a private beach that overlooks an entire beach point dedicated to only the guests of the place. The resort is filled with activities for both adults and kids, with the utmost security and hospitality kept in mind.

5 Things to do in Cox’s Bazar

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is a new and popular activity that visitors can avail while in Cox’s Bazar. Only 3–4 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar city, the Parasailing Point is located at Himchari near the DariaNagar Sea View Park.

There is numerous personnel and appropriate parasailing equipment available to assist the guests in performing parasailing.

2. Surfing

Surfing is an activity that has been gaining significant popularity amongst the tourists who visit Cox’s Bazar. The numerous surfing clubs in Cox’s Bazar provide proper information and equipment to enable the guests a smooth surfing experience.

3. Jet skiing

Jet skiing is a popular activity in Cox’s Bazar. These activities are particularly common and considered as lucrative amenities in high-end resorts and private beaches of the district. It is certain to provide a memorable experience to the travelers to take away from their vacation.

4. Kayaking

Numerous Kayaking services and businesses have opened in Cox’s Bazar, alongside the Kayaking activities provided by the high-end hotels and resorts. It is a lively and adventurous activity that adds to the overall experience of a memorable trip to this place.

5. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

In some places of Cox’s Bazar activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling are available. These activities can particularly be found in Saint Martin’s Island, where one can explore the underwater sea life and the aquatic biodiversity of the region.


Cox’s Bazar offers an experience of a lifetime to its visitors. The abundance of the amazing places to visit, the delicious foods to taste, and the thrilling activities to do certainly places it at the top of the destination districts to get familiar with and explore.


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