The Cumilla district is located in the South-Eastern region of Bangladesh, bordering the Indian province of Tripura to its east. The district encompasses an area of around 3,146.30 square kilometers and a population of about 6,212,216 people. The economy of Cumilla is agriculture based, flourishing through trade and cottage industries.

How to Visit Cumilla from Dhaka?

Cumilla can be visited from Dhaka directly by road and by train. To avail the by road route which entails a distance of around 100 kilometers, one can use the bus services provided by bus companies such as Trisha Exclusive, Royale Coach, Asia Line AC, and more. Moreover, direct train services can also be availed from Dhaka to Cumilla that entails a journey of around 3 hours.

5 Places to visit in Cumilla

1. Shalban Bihar

Shalban Bihar, Cumilla district

The Shalban Bihar is an archaeological site of a Buddhist monastery made during the 7th century. Through extensive excavations on the site, numerous living quarters, staircases, chapels and more have been found enamored with terracotta designs.

2. Dharmasagar

The Dharmasagar is an artificial man-made water reservoir made during the mid-15th century by then Tripura king Dharma Manikya I. It is a symbolic water body that represents one of the earliest modes of urban water management in then Bengal.

3. Rupban Mura

The Rupban Mura is an important archaeological site of a Buddhist monastery. The place holds historic significance, as well as a depiction of Bengal’s Buddhist past through the numerous discovered artifacts.

4. Mainamati War Cemetery

The Mainamati war cemetery is a war cemetery and a memorial made for the fallen commonwealth soldiers of the second world war. It is a place of historic significance that offers a glimpse into Bangladesh’s colonial past and the contribution of this region in the second world war.

5. Cumilla Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Cumilla Zoo and Botanical Garden is located in Kaliajhuri of Cumilla. It is built on about 10 acres of land housing diverse animals and different species of plants. The place preserves a unique form of natural beauty and ambience.

Foods to try in Cumilla

1. Rosh Malai

The rosh malai, a local milk based sweet, is one of the most popular desserts, not only in Bangladesh but also in the entire Indian subcontinent. It is made by soaking balls of chana sweets into a bowl of malai, or cream, garnished with cardamom, nuts, and other ingredients. The Rosh Malai of Matri Bhandar is of particular popularity.

3 Places to stay in Cumilla

1. Grand Castle Hotel

The Grand Castle Hotel is one of the most acclaimed hotels in Cumilla. The hotel is a 3-star accommodation located on the Cumilla- Noakhali highway. It offers numerous modern amenities and excellent hospitality for their guests’ best experience.

2. Hotel Elite Palace

The Hotel Elite Palace is located on the Shaheed Khwaja Nazimuddin road at the heart of Cumilla. It is a 3-star boutique hotel providing modern amenities, customized rooms, dining facilities and more to offer their customers with a great experience.

3. Hotel Victory Abashik

The Hotel Victory Abashik is a renowned accommodation located on the Victoria College Road of Cumilla. The hotel provides all the modern amenities ranging from 24/7 WIFI, reception services, lounge facility, and more. The hotel is known for providing great services at affordable prices.

Things to do in Cumilla

Cumilla district holds a lot of activities in store for its visitors. Travelers of this district can visit the numerous archaeological sites of historic importance or the numerous museums and cemeteries preserving Bengal’s past. Moreover, one can even go on a gastronomic adventure to discover and relish the different sweets and street foods that this region has to offer.


Cumilla is an integral part of Bangladesh that has a lot of historic significance and a place of enormous cultural contributions. Discovering this major region of the country is sure to enhance one’s experience of the country.


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