Dhaka is one of the most populated cities in the world. It can be hard to find the right and safe place to enjoy adventurous or exciting activities. Don’t worry. If you are looking for the perfect indoor theme park where you can enjoy immersive and interesting activities within a safe and secure environment, then you have come to the right place.

Check out this list of the best indoor theme parks in Dhaka. 

1. Toggi Fun World

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Toggi Fun World is one of the best indoor theme parks in Dhaka.

Toggi Fun World is the largest indoor theme park in Dhaka. Situated in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, this park is a VR theme park and the first one in Bangladesh as well. There are a wide variety of games and rides. This theme park has something for all. Children, teenagers, adults and others can have a great time here with the immersive esports and amazing escapades. 

2. Magic kingdom

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Magic kingdom is a modern equipped theme park located in Bashabo, Dhaka. With their collection of different games and collection of exciting rides, you are bound to enjoy a great experience. It is also a great place to hangout with friends and enjoy leisurely fun time. 

3. AstroCade The Ultimate Gaming Zone

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AstroCade The Ultimate Gaming Zone

AstroCade The Ultimate Gaming Zone is an indoor gaming zone themed for entertainment. In the bustle of Dhaka city, it is hard to find safe and comfortable places to play. This theme park is more of a safe playground where children and others can enjoy playing, exciting activities and interacting with other people. For spending active and interactive time within a secured environment, this is a great option you can opt for. 

4. Kids Fun

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At Kids Fun, within the ambience and comfort, your children can enjoy a fun-filled theme area. It has a fun squad which follows fun and adventure. You can book sessions and enjoy different fun filled activities in this place. Playing within many children here can help in building teamwork and cooperation.

5. Fantasy Kids Zone

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Fantasy Kids Zone is an indoor thematic area with great decorations and ambience. For children, there are different electronic games, physical activities and more. People come and enjoy interactive playing time here. It is a safe place for participating in games and is surveillance for safety. 

6. Play Town

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Play Town

Looking for a safe and enjoyable time with your children? Play Town in Chef’s Table Gulshan is a fantastic choice. This indoor theme park is filled with games and activities to have fun and joyous time. Based on children’s needs, there are various activities and equipment available to cater to all ages. 

7. Kids Funville

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Following the international standard Game Zone for all ages, Kids Funville is a fantastic place with a theme park. People of all ages can enjoy rides here. The venue offers an active and safe place to play, has soft play equipment and proper air conditioner. The rides are not high-end so you can also relax and have fun without being afraid of speed or height. 

8. Kidzy Fun City

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Kidzy Fun City is a great option as an indoor playground. They offer interactive learning facilities for children while playing. With different fun and trendy rides, this place is very attractive and also offers affordable prices for having a good time. Kids can enjoy magic tricks, and it is a safe place for playing with other children as well. 

9. Babuland Mirpur

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Babuland is the largest indoor playground in Bangladesh. This theme park offers an excellent and innovative experience. With multiple facilities and an amusing playing zone, this indoor place is the best place to enjoy a memorable time within a hygienic and healthy environment. The play zone for kids is large and provides the perfect social development chance. 

10. Future world

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Future World is a fantastic entertainment and recreation theme park. Located at the largest shopping mall in the country, Jamuna Future Park, this park offers affordable rides. Not only can you go there and enjoy a luxurious shopping experience, you can also enjoy a great time at the park. With fun rides, there are puppet shows too. 

Playing and enjoying a great time indoors is a fantastic way to de-stress, attain physical and mental healthiness. So, don’t forget to visit any of the listed indoor theme parks in Dhaka. 


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