Jashore district, located in southwestern Bangladesh, is a significant district in the whole of Bangladesh. It is located in the Khulna division and encompasses an area of approximately 2,606.94 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 3,076,849 individuals. Jashore is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and historical importance, which includes the well-known Benapol Fort.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the district’s income, with crops such as paddy, jute, and vegetables being the mainstay. Furthermore, the district has a flourishing fishing industry, as well as many small and medium-sized businesses.

How to Visit Jessore from Dhaka?

Jashore can be travelled from Dhaka either on road or by road and even by air directly. The by road distance from Dhaka to Jessore is around 214 kilometers. Bus services from companies such as Hanif Enterprise, Tungipara Express, Soudia Coach Service, and more.

Moreover, direct train and flight services from Dhaka to Jashore also exist, for a smooth commute.

3 Places to visit in Jashore

1. Michael Madhusudan Dutta Memorial House

The Michael Modhushudon Dutta Memorial is situated in the Sagordari neighborhood of Jashore. Michael Modhushudon Dutta, one of the most famous Bengali poets, was born here. This house is now a museum dedicated to the poet, and it is open to the public, with a significant number of tourists visiting on a daily basis. This is a historically important location in Bangladesh.

2. Binodia Family Park

The Binodia Family Park is located in a picturesque setting in the Jashore cantonment area, just 5 kilometers from Jessore city. The Park was created in 1998 and is one of the most enjoyable attractions in the Jashore district. People typically come here with their families to enjoy the peaceful and green atmosphere of nature.

3. Chanchra Shiva Temple

The Chachra Shiv shrine or the Chachra Shiv Mondir is a 17th-century Hindu shrine in the Jashore district.

The Chachra Shiv shrine or the Chachra Shiv Mondir is a 17th-century Hindu shrine in the Jashore district. It is right next to the Jashore -Benapole route. This is a two-story Shiva temple with a single Rotno or second store on the upper level. The temple is decorated with terracotta walls and Hindu architectural designs.

2 Foods to try in Jashore

1. Chingri Bhorta

The chingri bhorta is a dish made from shrimps mashed with numerous other vegetables such as coriander, onion, garlic, and mixed together with a myriad of spices such as red peppers, cumin, etc. This dish is usually served alongside rice.

2. Khejur Gur

The Khejur Gur or Molasses of Date is one of the most popular foods produced in Jashore. This food item is usually predominantly available during the winter seasons, when date plums grow in abundance in the region.

3 Places to stay in Jashore

1. The Zabeer Jashore

Zabeer Hotel International, located in Jashore city and about 1.9 kilometers from the Jashore Airport, offers accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, a fitness facility, and a bar. Each room in this 4-star hotel has city views, and visitors have access to a terrace and an indoor pool, as well as all the other amenities.

The hotel is renowned for its great hospitality and customer friendliness.

2. Hotel Orion International

Located in Rail Road, Jashore, Hotel Orion International is one of the best hotels in Jashore. The hotel provides all the necessary amenities required by its customers and an impeccable customer service. They are renowned for their amazing hospitality and providing their customers with cheerful experiences.

3. Joyoti Hotel and Restaurant

The Joyoti hotel International is located in Mujib Sarak, Jashore – Benapole Highway. The hotel is known for providing good customer service and amenities, that help in creating great customer experiences.

Things to do in Jashore

Jashore has a lot of activities in store for its traveler. From travelling to places of historical importance, to appreciating and sightseeing the mesmerizing natural beauties of the district over a walk, or even a hike, makes this city one of the most interesting places in the country to be in.


Jashore is an integral district on the map of Bangladesh. The place has been a foundation for historic events that have defined the nation as a whole, and it still serves as an important district that completes the country as a whole.


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