From the earliest times of medieval Bengal, the tradition of celebrating occasions through having sweets has been passed on to the Bengali culture. Thereby, sweets are an important defining characteristic of the Bengali culture.

Just like the rest of Bengal, Dhaka also shares its history of celebrating with sweets and is home to some of the best sweet shops in the country.

1. Premium Sweets

Premium Sweets is one of the Best Sweet Shops in Dhaka

Established in 1999, Premium Sweets is considered to be one of the best sweet shops in Dhaka, offering premium quality with a unique taste. Their best items include traditional sweets such as ‘Roshogollas’, ‘barfis’, ‘chamchams’ and more.

Besides sweets, their shops have also gained traction for traditional rice items such as ‘Bhuna Khichuri’. Spanning numerous branches across Dhaka and Canada, Premium sweets is definitely a city favorite.

2. Mithaiwala


Mithaiwala is an exquisite sweetshop serving high quality traditional sweets. The shop is renowned for the numerous varieties of sweets and fusion sweets that it makes.

Some favorites of this shop are different flavored ‘Roshohollas’, ‘Gulapjam’ and more. At present, they have shops throughout Dhaka located in the neighborhoods of Elephant Road, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, and Banani.

3. Bhagyakul Mistanna Bhander

Makings some of the finest quality sweets in the country since 1989, Bhagyakul Mishtanno Bhandar is a renowned sweet shop in Dhaka. The shop is known for their unique taste and the variety of items that they provide.

Their best-selling items include traditional sweet items like ‘Rajbhog’, ‘Krishnobhog’ and more and non-sweet items such as Haleem. They have four outlets throughout Dhaka in Kafrul, Gulshan, Banani, and Bashundhara.

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4. Rosh Ltd.

Rosh Ltd.

Rosh has been bringing delightful and tasty traditional sweets since 2004. Rosh is loved and frequented by its customers for its integrity in producing the best quality sweets at affordable rates, and with the utmost hygiene.

Some of their bestseller items include ‘Lal Mohon’, ‘Roshgolla’ and more. They have numerous branches throughout Dhaka.

5. Banoful & Co.

Bonoful & Co. is acclaimed for providing meticulously crafted traditional sweets with an exquisite taste. Their best items include ‘Badamijam’, ‘Kheerchamcham’, ‘Roshomalai’ and more.

Banoful has a handful of shops within and outside of Dhaka, disbursing premium quality sweets to their customers.

6. Khazana Mithai

Khazana Mithai offers some of the most premium quality gourmet sweets, encompassing sweets of both Bangladeshi and Indian origin. The shop is well known for being an upscale sweets shop offering some of the best sweets in Dhaka.

Some of their most popular sweets are ‘Roshogolla’, ‘Kalojam’, ‘Special Jafran jalebi’, and more. At present, they have shops throughout Dhaka in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, and Banani.

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7. Century’s Dessert Bakery & Cafe

Established in 1998, Century’s Dessert Bakery & Café is a gem amongst the sweet shops in Dhaka. They sell over 200 products with the highest quality maintained, by themselves. Some of their bestselling items are ‘Roshomalai’, sweetened biscuits, ‘chana’ and more.

They are located throughout Dhaka, having branches in Panthapath, Mohammadpur, Khilgaon, Goran, and Merul Badda.

8. Gowala

Gowala is a well-reputed consumer foods company that specializes in traditional sweets and delicacies. The company is famous for its sweet items such as ‘Roshomalai, ‘Malaichop’ and more, as well as other non-sweet items such as packed mustard oil, cows milk and more. Gowala has a considerable presence online and is located in their Banani store in Dhaka.

9. Pure Milk Center & Habibi Mithai

Located in Mohammadpur of Dhaka, Pure Milk Center & Habibi Mithai is one of the most sought-after and in-demand sweet shops in Dhaka. The shop is well known for offering high-quality milk-based traditional sweets and new fusion sweets.

Some of their best-selling items include ‘Pista Sharbat’, ‘Komola Bhog’ and more. The shop promotes itself by providing close-knit hospitality amongst its customers through its sweets as a tool for celebration and socialization.

10. Muslim Sweets

Established in 1967, Muslim Sweets is one of the earliest established sweet shops in the country. They are known for providing high-quality and tasty traditional sweets to their customers for decades. Some of their best-selling items include ‘Malai bhog’, ‘Roshmalai’, ‘Lal Mohon’, and more.

With the opening of their founding Branch in Malibag, today Muslim sweets have expanded to Green Road, Bijoynagar, Mirpur, Halirpool, Rampura, Shyamoli, and Wari of Dhaka.

11. Kumarkhali Sweet

Located in Mirpur of Dhaka, Kumarkhali Sweets is a special sweet shop that always remains in high demand amongst its customers, for their uncompromised quality and taste.

The shop specializes in traditional sweets made specifically in Kushtia, which are later shipped to Dhaka. Their sweets are considered to have a unique taste and thus, enjoyed by all.

12. Classic Sweets

Classic Sweets is renowned for providing the most exquisite traditional sweets in town with the best quality and taste. The shop is famous for providing an assortment of sweets, particularly for celebrations; some of their bestselling sweets include ‘Chomchoms’, ‘Laddus’, and more.

Over the years, the sweets shop has created a name for itself, being highly appreciated by all its customers.

Traditional sweets of Bangladesh are more than just food: they are harbingers of good news, celebration, and togetherness.


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