Joypurhat district is located in northern Bangladesh, part of the Rajshahi division. According to the 2011 census, the district has a land area of approximately 965.42 square kilometers and a population of approximately 913,768 people.

Joypurhat district’s economy is primarily built on agriculture, with its fertile lands and plentiful water resources making it perfect for cultivating crops such as rice, wheat, and jute. The region is also well-known for its mango and lychee production. Aside from agriculture, fishing is a major contributor to the local economy, with the district having many ponds and bodies of water.

How to Visit Joypurhat from Dhaka?

Joypurhat can be visited from Dhaka either by train, by road, and even by air. The Dhaka to Joypurhat road distance is around 245 kilometers. An individual can avail bus services from companies such as S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd, Hanif Enterprise, and more to travel directly to Joypurhat by road.

Moreover, direct train services also exist from Dhaka to Joypurhat, which entails a journey of around six hours. Flights can also be taken to reach Joypurhat by boarding a direct Dhaka to Saidpur flight, and then travelling to Joypurhat from Saidpur on road.

3 Places to visit in Joypurhat

1. Hinda – Kasba Shahi Mosque

The Hinda Kasba shahi mosque is located 15 kilometers away from Joypurhat city in the Joypurhat district.

The Hinda Kasba shahi mosque is located 15 kilometers away from Joypurhat city in the Joypurhat district. The mosque is a historic landmark that represents the Islamic history and architecture in Bengal. It is speculated that the mosque was built in around 1365 AD by the supervision of Hazrat Abdul Gafur Chishti (RA).

2. Nandail Dighi

The Nandail Dighi is a historical water body that is assumed to have been built around the year 1610, during the reign of Maurya emperor Nanda lal. It is located in the Nandail village of Kalai Upazila of Joypurhat on 59.4 acres of land and stretching over a kilometer in length.

Owing to its mesmerizing natural beauty, numerous picnic spots have emerged around this place.

3. Lokma Jomidar Bari

Lokma Jomidar Bari is located at Panchbibi in the Joypurhat district. The structure is the remnants of the Lokma Zemindars of Bengal and their residences. This place has historical importance, particularly on that of the feudal age of this country.

2 Foods to try in Joypurhat

1. Mango

Joypurhat is abundant and renowned for its mango production. There are numerous mango orchards throughout this district that produce some of the finest and sweetest mangoes in the country. During the summer, this food is mandatory to be tried for a delicious experience.

2. Chotpoti

In Jaypurhat, amongst other foods, the Chotpoti stands out. The way that this dish is made with the addition of spices, lentils, and the sweet and sour flavors, makes it an excellent dish to be tried.

2 Places to stay in Joypurhat

1. Hotel Prome International

Hotel Prome International is located in Thana Road of Joypurhat district. The hotel is known for providing excellent hospitality and modern amenities at affordable rates.

2. Hotel Boishakhi (Residential)

Hotel Boishakhi (Residential) is situated on the Sadar road of Joypurhat. The hotel is renowned for providing exquisite hospitality, customer service, customized rooms and many modern amenities to complement their guests stay.

Things to do in Joypurhat

Joypurhat bustles with a lot of activities ranging from discovering historical sites to exploring the culture and the food. The natural landscapes and mango orchards make up for some of the most scenic walking trails in the country.


Joypurhat is a gem of a district in northern Bangladesh. The beautiful culture, history, and food all combine for one of the best experiences a traveler can attain.


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