Khagrachhari district is located in Bangladesh’s southeastern area, bordering India and Myanmar. It is one of the country’s three hilly districts, along with Bandarban and Rangamati. According to the 2011 census, the district covers an area of approximately 2,749.16 square kilometers and has a population of roughly 613,917 people.

Khagrachhari’s economy is primarily built on agriculture, forestry, and fishing. The district is well-known for its vegetable, fruit, and spice production, as well as its tea gardens. Furthermore, the district is abundant in natural resources such as forests, rivers, and wildlife, making it a popular tourist location.

How to Visit Khagrachhari from Dhaka?

The easiest way to visit Khagrachhari from Dhaka is either by road or by train. The distance of Khagrachhari from Dhaka is around 270 kilometers. An individual can avail bus services from companies such as Hanif Enterprise, Green Line Paribahan, Soudia Coach Service, and more.

To avail the train route an individual must first get on a direct train from Dhaka to Feni, and then travel 112 kilometers by road from Feni to Khagrachhari.

3 Places to visit in Khagrachhari

1. Alutila Hill

Alutila Hill is a mesmerizing 150-meter-long hill located in the Khagrachhari district, 10 kilometers from the town of Khagrachhari.

Alutila Hill is a mesmerizing 150-meter-long hill located in the Khagrachhari district, 10 kilometers from the town of Khagrachhari. It is surrounded by lush verdant forests and breathtaking natural attractions. The Alutila cave, which is 100 meters long and famous for its breathtaking splendor, is located within the hill. Furthermore, the hill is home to the magnificent Richhang waterfall, which pours pure water from the hill’s summit.

2. KHDC Horticulture Park

The KHDC Horticulture Park, also known as the Horticulture Heritage Park, is situated in Bangladesh’s Khagrachhari district. It is spread across a 22-acre hill in the Zeromile area of Khagrachari town. Natural beautiful hills, and springs flourish in the vicinity of this place.

The Horticulture Heritage Park has beautiful hanging bridges, a large swimming pool, toy trains, swings, a watchtower, and a variety of other attractions, making it a popular location for friends and family to visit.

3. Manikchhari Mong Rajbari

The Manikchhari Mong Rajbari is located at Manikchari of the Khagrachhari district. This palace is the seat of the Mong King of Khagrachari. It is located 36 kilometers away from the Khagrachhari town. This palace was built during the late 18th century by the Mong king Raja Kanjoy as the residence for the royal family members and as his seat of administration.

This place has significant historic importance for the ethnic communities of Bangladesh and the country as a whole.

3 Foods to try in Khagrachari

1. Bamboo Chicken

The Bamboo chicken is a traditional bamboo dish that is very popular and widely available in the Khagrachhari district. This dish is prepared by boiling and steaming chicken in a bamboo with the mixture of a frenzy of spices. The unique delicious taste of the dish sets it apart from other dishes found in any other region of Bangladesh.

2. Bamboo Curry

Similar to the Bamboo chicken, the Bamboo curry is a curry made with vegetables, meat and other ingredients; cooked inside a bamboo, and served from the bamboo on traditional plates.

3. Bhortas

Khagrachhari is known for its wide range of different Bhartas or mixed mashed foods. These bhartas range from mashed vegetables, plants, small fishes, prawns and crabs to big fishes such as whales, and others. The Bhortas are a defining dish that highlights the cuisine of this district.

2 Places to stay in Khagrachari

1. Parjatan Motel, Khagrachari

The Parjatan Motel, Khagrachhari is a government-owned rest house which is open to all. The Motel is located on the Khagrachari-Chittagong Highway in the district. Due to its great hospitality and an abundance of amenities at an affordable rate, the motel is popular with tourists and visitors seeking accommodations.

2. Hotel Mount Inn

The Hotel Mount Inn is a renowned privately owned hotel located in the Khagrachhari Sadar of the district. The place is well known and appreciated for their great hospitality and a wide range of amenities catered to fulfill customers needs.

Things to do in Khagrachari

The mountainous terrain of Khagrachhari district offers a wide range of activities starting from trekking hills to hiking in beautiful parks to discovering historical sites. The abundance of activities is sure to make memorable travels for the tourists and travelers visiting the place.


Khagrachhari is one of the few 3 hilly districts of Bangladesh. It’s unique geography, culture, and history, makes this place one of the most distinct highlights of the diversity of Bangladesh.


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