Kurigram is a district in Bangladesh’s northern area, within the Rangpur Division. The district has a population of roughly 2,069,273 people and an area of approximately 2,245.04 square kilometers.

Kurigram district is renowned for its scenic landscapes and natural beauty and is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Kurigram’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture, with rice cultivation being the main occupation of the people. Aside from that, the district is well-known for its fisheries, with many people involved in fishing and rearing various kinds of fish.

How to Visit Kurigram from Dhaka?

Kurigram can be visited from Dhaka directly either by road or by train. The distance between the two districts is about 350 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Nabil Paribahan, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, and more. Moreover, the by train route entails a journey of around 10 hours.

3 Places to visit in Kurigram

1. Bhetarbandh Royal Palace

Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari is situated in Nageshwari Upazila, approximately 16 kilometers away from the Kurigram Sadar. It is an ancient infrastructure that once served as the main administrative office of the Bhetarbandh Parganas. Today, Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari has been transformed into the administrative office of the Bhetarbandh Union Parishad.

Due to its rich ancient history and architecture, the place is visited by hundreds of tourists traveling the district of Kurigram.

2. Chandamari Masjid

The Chandamari Mosque is a historical building in Mandalpara, Rajarhat upazila of the Kurigram district.

The Chandamari Mosque is a historical building in Mandalpara, Rajarhat upazila of the Kurigram district. The mosque is thought to have been constructed between the late 16th and late 17th centuries during Mughal rule in Bengal. The Chandamari Mosque has Mughal-styled architecture with three domes and Islamic designs.

3. Naodanga Zamindar Bari

Naodanga Zamindar Bari is situated in the Kurigram district, approximately 8 kilometers away from the Phulbari Upazila. During the British Raj, this building housed the zamindar of Naodanga Parganas. Naodanga Primary School and Naodanga School and College have recently been built on the lands of this house. They were constructed by subsequent generations of the Naodanga Zamidars.

Every year, tourists from all over Bangladesh visit the Naodanga Zamindar Bari due to its rich historical and cultural legacy.

Foods to try in Kurigram

1. Shutkani Torkari

The Shutkani Torkari is a prolific curry dish widely available and popular in the district of Kurigram. The curry is made with Puti fish with the addition of spices like turmeric, chilis, cloves and more. The dish is usually had alongside rice. Its delectable taste makes it one of the desired dishes of the district.

2 Places to stay in Kurigram

1. Hotel Royal Palace Kurigram

The Hotel Royal Palace Kurigram is located in Bazar Rd of Kurigram. The hotel is renowned for providing great hospitality with a wide range of amenities to provide a satisfactory experience to their guests.

2. Hotel Nibedika

Hotel Nibedika is located in Kurigram – Chilmari Road in the district of Kurigram. The hotel in Kurigram is famous for the excellent customer service it provides, as well as the variety of rooms available and the numerous amenities on offer. All of these contribute to its reputation as one of the top hotels in the area, known for its good hospitality.

Things to do in Kurigram

Kurigram is an interesting district full of lively activities such as boating, hiking, and more. The district is filled with historic places of importance, awaiting discovery and experiencing new adventures by travelers willing to visit the district.


Kurigram is an amazing district in the Northern Bangladesh. The historic sites, natural sceneries, and its inhabitants all combine to provide its travelers a memorable experience.


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