Kushtia district is a prominent district in Bangladesh’s Khulna division. It spans an area of approximately 1,621.15 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 2,149,692 people. It is located on the banks of the Ganges and Mathabhanga rivers. Kushtia district is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, having produced several famous poets and writers.

Kushtia’s economy is mainly agricultural, with rice being the main crop. There is also a flourishing fishing business in the district, with many residents earning a living by fishing in the rivers and canals. With several main highways passing through the district, Kushtia is a significant transportation and commercial hub.

How to Visit Kushtia from Dhaka?

The easiest way to visit Kushtia from Dhaka is either by road or by train. The distance between Dhaka to Kushtia is about 250 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Hanif Enterprise, KTC Hanif, and more. Moreover, a direct train can also be taken from Dhaka to Kushtia, which entails a journey of around 5 hours.

3 Places to visit in Kushtia

1. Lalon Shah Bridge and Hardinge Bridge

The Lalon Shahi Bridge and the Hardinge Bridge are two of Kushtia district’s most notable landmarks. The Lalon Shah Bridge is one of Bangladesh’s largest bridges, measuring 1.8 km long and 18.10 meters wide, with two lanes divided by a divider. The Hardinge Bridge, which runs parallel to the Lalon Shah Bridge, is a century-old steel railway bridge constructed during the British Raj and is still in use today. The bridge, as a relic of the British period, serves as a reminder of the past, whereas the Lalon Shah Bridge exemplifies a modern architectural achievement.

Both bridges provide views of magnificent landscapes and natural scenery while also contributing to the general beauty of the area.

2. Tagore Lodge

Tagore Lodge is situated in Milpara, seven kilometers from Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia district.

Tagore Lodge is situated in Milpara, seven kilometers from Kushtia Sadar, Kushtia district. It is a two-story house that functioned as Rabindranath Tagore’s residence. From here, the great poet created works such as Sonar Tari, Chitra, and others. Tagore Lodge honors Rabindranath Tagore’s memory and existence. A bust of Tagore is installed at the entryway, and the large hall on the ground level and one room on the top floor contain copies of Tagore’s books, as well as 12 paintings.

3. Lalon Akhra

The Lalon Akhra is the shrine of the Lalon Fakir, a spiritual leader who taught his followers how to live a life void of greed, enmity, and all other adverse feelings. It is located in the Kumarkhali upazila of the Kushtia district. The place has a calm atmosphere that promotes mental peace. Rows of graves encircle the central all-white shrine, which holds Lalon’s grave.

Every year in October, his disciples meet to mourn and celebrate their spiritual leader at a fair called Lalon Mela. Baul song festivities last all night, and the shrine is decorated with colorful lighting, adding more to the ambiance.

Foods to try in Kushtia

Tiler Khaja

Tiler Khaja is one of the most popular snacks consumed in the district of Kushtia. It is a food made from the mixture of sesame seeds, molasses, sugar, and a few other ingredients to compose a mouthwatering, affordable, and a simples weet snack.

Tiler Khaja can be found throughout Kushtia in markets, bus stands, local shops, and almost every other place that has some crowd. The history of this food can be traced back to more than a hundred years ago, making it one of the most iconic food items of the district.

2 Places to stay in Kushtia

1. Azmiry Residential Hotel

The Azmiry Residential Hotel is one of the best hotels in the district of Kushtia located in R.C.R.C Street, Courtpara of R.C.R.C Street. The hotel is known for providing excellent customer service, necessary amenities, a wide variety of rooms, and an impeccable reputation of professionalism; making it one of the hospitable places to stay in the district.

2. Godhuli Residential Hotel

The Godhuli Residential hotel is located in Kazi Nazrul Islam Sarak of Kushtia. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and a wide range of amenities to assuage customer needs.

Things to do in Kushtia

Kushtia has a lot of activities in store. From exploring places of historic importance, to enjoying scenic views, to exploring new food, the place bustles with activities to find oneself, and immerse in the vibrancy of the district.


Kushtia is one of the most important districts in the South of Bangladesh. The district holds significant historic importance, and is a hub for cultural evolution in the history of Bangladesh, as well as the entirety of the subcontinent.


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