You never know when a medical emergency arrives. When in need, the emergency ambulance services in Bangladesh are reliable and committed for the fastest services. Be it for yourself or for a beloved, you do not need to search long to find the best and fastest ambulances services in Dhaka. 

Simply check out this list of the best ambulance services in Dhaka and don’t be worried. 

1. Ambulance BD 24

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Ambulance BD 24 is one of the best ambulance services in Dhaka.

For a reliable and fastest emergency service, Ambulance BD 24 is one call away. Not only in Dhaka, they provide their instant service throughout Bangladesh. Open 24 hours all week long, their services are consistently the best in town no matter what kind of medical emergency is thrown at them. 

2. Shikder Ambulance Service

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Shikder Ambulance Service

Known for being the largest and trusted emergency service in the city, Shikder Ambulance Service is a renowned name. Available 24 hours a day, and with different kinds of ambulances like AC, non-AC, ICU and freezing ambulance services, they are indeed a dependable service in Dhaka. 

3. Conscious Ambulance

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Conscious ambulance services offer a range of ambulance options to choose according to the needs of the patients and their families. There are AC and non-AC ambulances, and there are also ICU, Hiace AC and even freezing ambulances. As they aim to provide service at the cheapest rate for any kind of people, you can trust them in case of emergencies, especially in the Dhanmondi area. 

4. Medinova Medical Service Ltd

Call: 028113721 – Visit Website

Medinova Medical Service Ltd is a hospital and they provide emergency ambulance services in Dhaka. They provide modern facilities and their ambulances are equipped with them to offer the best kind of care as they make their way to the hospital with the patient. Do not hesitate to contact them in terms of any medical emergency requirement. 

5. Brighton Hospital

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For a trusted emergency service in Dhaka, Brighton Hospital is a great choice. They provide round the clock emergency ambulance service all across Dhaka and even in the outskirts of the city. When the patients are in need, they manage to be there in no time so that no patient is deprived of treatment. 

6. Al-Markazul Islami Ambulance Service

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Al-Markazul Islami Ambulance Service

Whether you get hit by a car or a person suffers from a heart attack, Al-Markazul Islami ambulance service can get to you immediately and take you to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. Their immediate response and consistency in ensuring first aid are great quality services which make them such a trusted emergency service in Dhaka. 

7. South Asian Hospital

Call: 028616565 

Be it an accident or urgent need of blood transfusion, South Asian Hospital offers guaranteed high quality emergency service in the city. Once they reach the patient, they will get them to the hospital safely and quickly as possible. Their service is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

8. Khaled Ambulance service

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Khaled Ambulance service is one of the most quick and safe ambulance services in town. They guarantee fast service within 20 minutes for any patient’s emergency. Their services feature low cost ambulances and even the many modern featured ones which cost higher. Thus, based on needs, they will provide the best service. 

9. Indo Bangla Care

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Coming to your door and quickly taking you to the hospital for medical care as fast as possible is the focus of Indo Bangla Care. In emergencies, you do not have to think of the rent fare or hidden charges, as they prioritize the service first and then keep low rates. So, once you call them, you can relax and be prepared to take full advantage of their commendable service. 

10. Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH)

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Dhaka Medical College Hospital

For any urgent care or a reliable and fast way to get a patient to a hospital swiftly, Dhaka Medical College Hospital is indeed a great choice. As the hospital is public, they offer quick and low cost service for their ambulance service.

11. Desh Ambulance Service

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Desh Ambulance Service is an active and well known ambulance service provider in Dhaka for the area of Mirpur. They have first aid, ac and non ac ambulances for different kinds of services. They also provide freezer and ICU ambulance services so you can get their help for any kind of medical and emergency care. 

12. Day Night Ambulance Service

Call: 029123073 

Day Night Ambulance Service are committed to bring the patients the best quality ambulance service in the city at any hour of the day. The staff are super active and value every patient sincerely so that none dies with the lack of treatment. Their emergency services are for emergency medical care for people, and for acute illness like pregnancy. 

In terms of accidents or extremely stressed hazardous situations, reliable emergency services in the city are very important and indeed thousands of lives are saved through such services. For your needs, this list of the best ambulance services in Dhaka is compiled with all necessary information. 


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